Aerospace Science and Technology: Carry out "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "To promote the service of the people, education guide the majority of party members, the cadres always put the people at the highest position in their hearts, as the people of the people, intimate people, and leaders."

  Efforts to enter the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. in the new journey of the Sports Strong State, conscientiously implement the spirit of the general speech and instructions of General Secretary General Secretary, and always put the people at the highest position and use the heart to carry out "I do practical things for the masses". "Practice activities, effectively solve the problem of the staff" urgent expensive ", enhance the people’s people’s sense, happiness, satisfaction, and have achieved phased outcomes, to successfully complete the tasks, and accelerate the construction of the agency strong country. Basic, providing strong guarantees. Take the people’s feelings, the top-level deployment pull-up should focus on "I do practical things for the masses", so that party organizations and majority of party members will learn party history and sum up experience, observe reality, and promote work, solve practical problems Combine, resolutely oppose the formalism, bureaucracy, solve the problem of "rush to expectations".

  Quality victory in China, winning in words. The party group of the group company is based on the party’s central decision-making deployment. The first time took the lead in learning to implement the spirit of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, the spirit of the important speech, according to the "Notice of" I "Practical Activity Work Plan" for the Master "," The group company "I have a practical" practice work program "for the masses, and determine the two batch of 14 key people’s livelihood projects in the party group, clear the responsible persons and responsible departments, and keep the list of key people’s livelihood projects, dynamically follow up, and ensure" I Do practical affairs for the masses "practice activities go deep.

  "For the appetite" can even be the heart, "know the public opinion" can solve the problem. In the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", the Aerospace Science and Technology Group will take the people and visit the people as the first step. The party organizations in the group company strengthen the leadership of the practice activities, clarify the focus of work, and extensively understand the needs of the masses, pull strips to establish a list of key people’s livelihood projects, and concentrate on "urgent expensive" issues that affect the development of enterprises and the work of employees.

  The party committee of all units planned, coordinated, and asked for a symposium, issued a questionnaire, etc.

Members of the leaders of each unit deep into the grassroots research, accurately grasp the guidance support for grassroots needs and the hot problem of employee concerns. In response to the specific conditions of the grassroots and the actual number of units, each unit will refer the decomposition, pull strips, responsible to people, and respond to the progress of the problem.

  Good things need to be doing, practical needs to be done.

The Group’s various tour guidance groups carry out field supervision guidance, strengthen process management, and ensure that practice activities are grounded, warm and effective.

All units continue to track the results, regularly count the progress of the people’s livelihood projects; regularly hold coordination promotion meetings, ensure the smooth progress of the people’s livelihood projects, effectively and implement; carry out telephone calls, email notices, feedback on handling and progress, to ensure practical things, please workers Participation, the process is supervised by employees, and the results will benefit employees.

  Drake people, solve the problem of "rush to expectations" to do practical things for the masses, we must focus on the masses, the group companies are most concerned from the masses, the most direct, and most realistic interests, quickly act, carefully deploy, carefully organize, Effectively solve the problem of "rush to expectations". "Focus on optimizing scientific research environment, improve innovation efficiency", is one of the group companies solving the important power of the first-line employee "urgent expensive". In the first hospital, due to the construction of water supply and supply line, the greening and damage of the building, the road potholes, and the dust continuously became the general reflection of the employees. The party committee of the first hospital is planning to deploy, and the optimization of scientific research and living environment will be included in the first batch of "I do practical things for the masses" and 2021 "Ten practical" priorities, close attention to project progress, and promote problem solving. The party committee of the four hospitals has reducing the labor intensity of employees and ensuring employee production safety while reducing the labor intensity of employees and ensuring employee production safety.

401 completed the first "black light factory" of the hospital, improved production capacity; 42 automated transformation, realizing long-distance isolation operation, eliminating security hazards.

  In order to solve the "riot of the hook", the Party Committee of the Five Courtyard listened to the suggestions proposed by the different post test players in the launch site, and proposed the test players in workflow curing optimization, accommodation, food, etc. Suggestions and feedback, and pull out the list of "I do a practical thing for the masses" and solve it.

  In addition, the masses in the "urgent expensive" problem in life also do not fall. The multi-dimensional three-dimensional perspective continued to "I do practical things for the masses" in various units of the group company, ensuring the problem of true solutions, solve the problem.

  For example, the party committees of the group companies should do practical things for the model test team due to the local preparation. By moving life, the launch field test team, and regularly visit the test team, and effectively solve the test player. Worrying worries, let them put the model task with a full state.

  Eighthouses highly pay attention to the health problems of employee, in response to the analysis of the health medical examination data in 2021 years and their actual needs, in Minhang Space City, the public welfare health clinic is held, and 8 experts from the Zhongshan Hospital and Minhang District Central Hospital are in the scene. The employee offers a one-on-one on-site diagnosis, consultation and health guidance services, improves the disease prevention awareness of employees and self-health skills. After the 7107 factory in Jiujiayuan entered the Baoji City Science and Technology New Town, the children of employees faced the problem. To this end, the 7107 plant organizes special people to go to Science and Technology New Town – Geely Kindergarten Multiple Coordination.

At the same time, the plant has communicated with the high-tech district management committee, and finally the staff of the factory is allowed to receive, and the worries of employees have lifted their worries. The Party Committee of the Eleventh Hospital is difficult to solve the difficulties of buying a house, difficult to see a problem, difficult to see a doctor, children enrollment enrollment, and pursue the implementation of housing distribution, actively coordinate the relevant aspects, help employees to handle low-interest loans, and strive for quality medical and education. Resources, implement employee paid leave and physical examination, and maximize the needs of employees.

  Warm-hearted heart, exploring the long-term mechanism, deeper, in addition to "hurry", the party group and the party committees of the group company also as the people of the staff, warm heart people, continue to work hard in the "warm people" In practical work, in the hearts of the masses, improve the happiness and feelings of employees. In response to the cumbersome process of staff, the six hospitals strengthen the digital transformation of the process, open the paperless office channels with the brothers, online "ECASC travel system platform", so that the employee will bid farewell to the pad, post the ticket, reimbursement; Question, seven hospitals improve "hardware" facilities, strengthen the "software" service, improve the construction of employee sports fields and sports hall, actively explore the new model of service after retirement management; for the retired old cadres guarantee, Eleventh Hospital Rematch Work Center Caring for the old comrades good health, timely condolences to the retirees in the hospital, and hold a symposium for many times, listen to the solution to the old comrades. Eighth Hospital Controls to create "Reading Corner", online smart bookcase, bring "Internet +" reading benefits for employees, provide 24-hour self-service intelligent borrowing platform, lighting sharing learning new space, enriching the spirit of employees Life; 806 through a series of heart-free "new" activities, planning, lake newcomers, new employees to prepare the "Entry Package" for new employees, let new employees get warm greetings and intimate help.

  China Weitong adheres to "Let the people run less legs, let the data run", in the WeChat network of WeChat, new business vehicles, materials print, activity reception, document borrowing, office, delivery, express delivery Waiting for more than 10 online processing functions, and can perform information process processing anytime, anywhere. The group company always puts the masses of the help counties in the heart, letting them benefit from the practical things, and they will revitalize the country.

In Yang County, the four hospitals sent cadres to innovate poverty alleviation models, broaden the development channels in the fields of water conservancy traffic, cultural education, and industrial development, contributing to the development of revitalization in Yang County; in Taibai County, the Sixth Hospital is stationed in order to solve local people’s vegetables Sales challenges, rushing, and the villagers will fight floods and fire; in Wuyuan County, China Lekai will resolve health and health problems, help the local industrial brand building, so that the people share the revitalization of rural resolution. Heart is the masses, when it is not considered; do things for the people, the matter is not afraid.

In the future, the group company will continue to organize the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", but also concentrate on the outstanding problems, and will gradually explore the establishment of long-term mechanisms, and continue to promote realistism, long-standing for the masses. In the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, do practical things for the masses are always on the road. Website Editor: Mu Jing.