Children under 3 years old to Beijing to check the nucleic acid of peers – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Beijing Health Bao or other demand personnel who will label commutation can provide relevant certificates waiting to be determined yesterday, at the Beijing New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Press, Deputy Director, Spokesperson Pan Xuhong, 17 At 0, the nucleic acid detection points set in the service area near Beijing Expressway near Beijing were officially enabled. Among them, the position of the two test points is adjusted: the Beijing New High-speed Shacheng Service Area is adjusted to the west side of the Camp Inspection Station, and the Beijing Li Expressway Chicheng South Service Area is adjusted to the east side of the Beijing Lijian inspection station. Beijing police are working with relevant departments to study the identity authentication information of the commuter personnel in Beijing Health Bao.

Pan Xuhong introduced that after the nucleic acid proven, the nucleic acid proven, after the nucleic acid sample in the Beijing inspection station, did not have to wait for the test results at the scene, but must fill in the commitment book, promise to limit the history of travel in Beijing, and strict Obey Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control policies, provide false information or violating commitments, will bear corresponding legal responsibility.

The detected personnel must also register our name, ID number, mobile phone number, and in detail in Beijing’s work units and residential land, after inspection of the inspection station.

Its nucleic acid sampling will be given as soon as possible. Once positive results, the disease control and other departments will adopt emergency measures and control control according to registration information. According to the current management requirements, the personnel into the 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative certificate and Beijing Health Bao Green Code, where the nucleic acid detection is proven to test the "report date" in the test report. Seniors, children, vision disabilities, listening disabilities, etc. do not use or do not operate, the nucleic acid detection negative proof can be accepted, no additional health treasure; for infants 3 years old and below, only Nucleic acid detection negative proves within 48 hours of peers.

Regarding the identity of the commuter personnel in the Beijing area, Pan Xuhong responded, before, Beijing police according to the inspection record of the inspection station in the inspection station, comprehensive import (return) Beijing time, frequency and other information, and build a commute person database. Other groups that are not in the database, with commuting needs, the staff can provide the staff of the Beijing-Beijing region, which proves to the inspection station, proves in Beijing, 48 hours, nucleic acid detection negative proof, residential proof can be a household registration, housing lease contract or One of the proven of the (village) committee, the work certificate must be issued in Beijing’s work unit.

After the above certificate is registered, the police will complete the identification work as soon as possible and incorporate into the database according to commuter personnel.

Inhabited in the city, in the examination station, when the passenger checkpoint, there is no need to provide a 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof to check the ID card.

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