See here,The pity that warmed up in my heart,Was soon thrown behind by Wen Guohao。

Concerned about Wen Yunyun’s injury,I don’t care about whether to go to school or not,In his eyes,My father is not negligent。
If you are warm and warm and know what he thinks,I’m afraid I will faint with a smile。
But I don’t care about all this warmth,Walked straight out of Wen’s house。
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Rested one night,I feel warm and warm。
Packed up,I saw Xiaoxue who was hesitant to talk outside the door,Sneer。
What tricks does Yu Shan want to do??
Frowned,Warm and warm knows what she wants to say。
“Do not worry,I have arranged your sister’s affairs。”
Hear words,Xiaoxue is happy to smile now,Thank you for the warmth,Expressed that they are willing to be a cow or a horse。
I don’t need to be a cow and a horse,But now I do need her help。
Leaned over and said something beside her。
Xiaoxue was a little surprised after hearing this,Lock the wife’s door,Will it.
I was a little scared to see her,Warm and warm with a fire:“If i can’t get out,Can’t go to school, how can I arrange your sister for you??You pretend not to hear,Just find a reason to leave the servants nearby!”
Warm and warm know that Yu Shan sleeps without a mobile phone by her side,Because she hates radiation。
Hear her,Xiaoxue hesitated again and again,For my sister to be safe,Still nodded,Walk towards Yu Shan’s bedroom。
as predicted,Yu Shan couldn’t open the door at all when she got up,In a hurry,Do you have a mobile phone?,Soundproof and good!