The guy brought Populus and his party,Go east from the west of the village,It seems that the distance is a bit far。

When passing by a rather atmospheric house,Hu Yang glanced at。This should be an ancestral hall or something,Built better than other houses in the village,Use more refined materials。
Not far from the door,Two stone lions stand,Populus was a little surprised,Because the stone lions are older than all the buildings in this village,There are thousands of years,Really rare。
Can see,The stone lions are not originally from this village。
Populus say one more thing:“Big brother,Two stone lions in your village,Need to protect!Don’t be stolen。”
The villagers leading the way were surprised:“Are they also valuable?”
Populus walks over,Walked around the stone lion twice,Said:“I don’t know where you got these two stone lions,Really precious,Tang Dynasty stuff,It’s been over a thousand years。If you sell,A million or so, I’m afraid someone will drive over and take it away。”
The villager shivered,Never heard of,The stone lions in my village’s ancestral hall are so valuable。
Even the village chief doesn’t even know?If you know,Two stone lions,I’m afraid it won’t be protected at all。If it is so valuable,Really have to be careful of being stolen。
“Really so valuable?”
Populus nodded:“No doubt,Brother, you can tell your village chief,I can take away a million。Of course,I personally suggest that your village can be well preserved,This stone lion of the Tang Dynasty,Will only become more valuable in the future。”
in fact,Stone lions have appeared since the Han Dynasty。
China has gone through the Eastern Han Dynasty,Three Kingdoms,Two Jin,Northern and Southern Dynasties,Sui,Tang,Five Dynasties,Song,yuan,Bright,clear,Ming Dynasty and other periods,In these two thousand years,Different dynasties have different attitudes towards stone lions,So the processed works are also different。