“But took away something。”Another voice emphasized。

“Or control her now?”
“Not urgent,See her reaction,Just keep an eye on it。”
After a short conversation,Quiet in the corner,After a while, two figures came out in the dark one after another,One upstairs,One left this small courtyard directly。
The figure out of this small courtyard is slim,Like a woman,Small steps,Light movement,Hardly make any sound when your toes step on the ground,The direction of her travel is naturally the guest house,Shen Yingjie should have just gone upstairs right now。
Unexpectedly, I walked to the corner of the flower bed,A dark shadow rushed out abruptly and blocked the way,Woman surprised,Subconsciously retreat,Try to get away from it,Sombra wears a mask,Obviously come prepared,But the interception in the National Security Bureau is still the first new thing I heard。
But I didn’t expect that the other party seemed confident,Step by step,I arrived in front of the woman in a few steps,And stick out his right hand like lightning,Five fingers like claws,Straight to the woman’s shoulder。
Deceive too much!Women are obviously not mediocre,Left leg pretends to withdraw,At the same time the upper body is tilted slightly to the left,The right foot has quickly kicked towards the crotch of the visitor,One shot is a vicious move,She didn’t want to call,Because I followed Shen Yingjie just now,A little scrupulous,The figure that suddenly appeared must be with Shin Yingjie,Things are too ugly to end,Let’s get out of here。
Come with a cold snort,The five fingers of the outstretched right hand turned into fists,Then a waist,His right arm suddenly soared,A muffled bang,Hit the woman’s shoulder,At the same time, the right leg is slightly,The knee is firmly blocking the opponent’s toe that has lost strength。
The woman snorted,A stagger,The power of this punch is great,Half of my arm is numb,Seeing that the other party has to start again,Know that it’s not this person’s opponent,Hurriedly shouted,“stop!who are you?”
“Why follow others?”Sombra asks,Is a low male voice。
“No more identity,I am the guard。”
“casual,I’m really afraid of you not calling。”Sombra smiled contemptuously。
“What do you want?”Women’s anger knot,It seems that the other party saw through something,If you really called the guard,Will alarm many people,Many things are not clear at that time。