Wang Lin nodded and said:“I also just heard,It seems everyone cares about President Xia。How about this!I’ll be back to the group this afternoon,Must figure this out,Wait two days to give you a clear answer“

Yao Junli listened,Nodded happily and said:“If your group cares that he is an individual,Should give him this as soon as possible,Otherwise it will take a long time,Maybe they won’t go back to our flat city。GZHow good,It happens to be a good place for him to use his hands and feet“
Wang Lin smiled slightly,She didn’t expect,What the two women who came today said,It’s as if it’s been discussed outside。It seems that there are quite a few women who care about Xia Jian。Xia Jian is back this time,There must be a result between them,Otherwise continue like this,She must be the one who suffers。
Wang Lin thought about it and left.,Ouyang Hong’s appearance of Wang Lin’s loss in one year,Could not help but smile:“President Wang!I’m going back to Pingyang Township to work tomorrow,About leisure agriculture,We can study it hard,Maybe something earth-shattering can be done in this land“
“Good good!When I come back from Bucheon,Let’s talk together,I really hope to do something big in your Pingyang Town“Wang Lin recovered her flustered thoughts,A little coping。
Ouyang Hong saw Wang Lin’s absent-mindedness,In fact, she understands Wang Lin very well,Because they are both women。Women should not embarrass women,So she stood up,Yao Junli said:“Let’s go!Don’t disturb Mr. Wang,Back to Bucheon for several afternoons,Maybe you have prepared materials to pack“
“OK!“Yao Junli is also smart,A bit clear。Two people said hello to Wang Lin,Out of Wang Lin’s office one after another。
Yao Junli said to Ouyang Hong:“I think everyone is sitting together,What happened,Do you have any opinion on me?You won’t come to me,Even He Jing hasn’t seen each other for a while“
“What did you say?What opinion can you have,I haven’t seen He Jing for a while,I heard that she’s a big mess now,What company’s general manager”Ouyang Hong said with a smile while walking。
Yao Junli listened,Haha smiled:“How about we go find her now,Look at our classmate manager?”
At this time, He Jing is having a meeting with employees,These two months,Mediocre sales,She, the general manager, can’t sit still。Current market,Changing rapidly,If you don’t pay attention, you will lose money。She really wants to hear Xia Jian’s opinion,But where is Xia Jianren??
“Manager He!In a meeting?”Yao Junli put her head in the door and asked。
He Jing saw that her old classmate was here,Busy talking to everyone:“OK OK!Go on your own!Today’s meeting ends here”
When the employees go out,He Jing laughed:“Come in soon!Old classmates are here,Don’t say hello,I make people welcome outside”