“I am sitting.……”Chu Deirers have some of the meaning of Wudang。

“Fortunately, there is a Chu brother to discover this conspiracy.!Although I don’t know why,Make this calculation,But it is in doubt it for the disaster martialin.!”Yu Lianzhou is just right to show an indignant。
“Therefore, Yu Si Xia is not……”Chu Deirers also know,What big move now does not have?,I didn’t even gave Shaolin before.,It is definitely to put the first order waiting for Zhang Zhen people.。
Big action is impossible,But Whether Yu Lianzhou and I will take a trip?
“Cough,Chu brother also knows……Now Master is preparing to go,I feel that I am a brother and Song.,Can you drive a brother?,Go to the Emei first? If it is,I will go through one or two months.。”Yu Lianzhou has something to say.。
Certainly there is no way? When the message of the Chu Dee in the group of jade hospital? There is already a bit chair in the middle,Many Zhengcheng people are going to? Obviously other Collection copies have begun“work hard”。
Look at the Chu Dean,Yu Lianzhou is also sorry? Explain a sentence:“Chu Chuzi also knows? Emei’s destruction? Relationship with us……kindness,Diki teacher is too precise,I believe, I will remember the love of Chu Chuzi.。”
Chu Deman:……
Good guy,Forced to call“Chu Chuzi”NS?
Suddenly? This is no longer expected!
At the same time, the Chu Deiren also heard the suggestion of Yu Lianzhou.——Not only because of the last stage of the last level? Therefore, Wudang is unwilling to leave easily.。
It is also because this is a bit“awkward”!
First of all, although the old Zhang has completed breakthrough,Too urgent matter in theory,Can report a sound,Unlike the status of the dead time? but……Does Emei This is an urgent matter??
Although this conspiracy is not small,But there is no extent to which the martial art? And Wudang is nothing more。
more importantly,Yu Lianzhou also understand,Why do Chu Deirers say what is mysterious?“Have a little relationship with Zhang Zhenren”——Nothing more than gossip!
We are disciples,Can you still know the gossip of Master??
The problem is to bother the master with this time.,Master a Master a memories of the years when they are young?
Determine this is not in trouble?
So before Zhang Zhen is completely cleared,Wudang’s people will definitely not report this matter.!
As for the unreasonable,like last time,Directly walk one or two Wudang people,Go to Emei“Mark”?
This is more like,What did people have not said yet?,These disciples,I will give this eight gossip.?
If you change your person, you are the Emei Gate.,Or Shang Yu Lianzhu bite his teeth,Be playing“Righteousness”Flag,Going to the Emei is,Clear person、Turbid,Master’s top day,Pure Yang has no extreme effort.,We do our disciples to go to Emei“Assistant”Can’t you??
But think about that extinction,Yu Lianzhou has some headaches,Decided but not.!
Although Wu Dang also recognizes,Extinction is indeed one of the positive roads,This is not the chivalrous list,It can be obliterated.,Replace it into other“Business”,Wudang also gives the extinction,Involved“Private matter”if,Yu Lianzhu is half-time, I don’t want to talk to her.。
This is not a revenge、I hope that the extinction is unlucky,But worry about this old nun,I have some things that everyone has no face.……
For example, changed to others,Yu Lianzhou is playing“Heroism”Flate to Emei,People are sure that they don’t know the gossip of their own ancestors and Zhang Zhen people.,Everyone pays for this conspiracy together,After the opening of the heart, the sleek sleeve is。
But change to extinction old Ni,Yu Lianzhou also said,She will not“go Ape”Ferry Wudang,This is a hint、It is a gossip of Zhang Zhenren and his own ancestors.,This is a humilio,In turn, it is not to come to Taiwan.……
Other Wudang,In addition to the Yin pear of Emei, there is a special emotion of Emei.,Also this idea,Therefore, the suggestion of the last Yin Shi is directly“Suppress”。
certainly,Once you have already known,Still this,Wudang’s heart is not a taste,Therefore, Yu Lianzhou specially came to ask Chu Deirers to walk this.。
Since the attitude,even“Chu Chuzi”All call out。
But the Chu Deee as a mature martial arts,Not a“Son”、Say a few words,Just promise。
Yu Lianzhou finally spit:“The Chu brother is not cultivating a dragon turtle.?”
“good,What advises Yu brother??”Chu Deirers。
Incense,This Wudang can point to himself,Haven’t passed。
“Advantages don’t dare,Waiting for Master,Chu brother came to visit again,I believe Master must not advice.……”
This first half of the painting cake,Chu deer human rights did not hear,But indeed this rivers and lakes,Zhang Zhen people are not many,But the positive light will“Advocate”As a human condition、And Wudang’s own“Not stink”This second person is called the modest,It is not unfortunate。
The latter Yu Lianzhou also said:“Although Master has not passed,but……Wudang Hill,There is a different beast.,Hand and our brother,I feel that the Chu brother can see it.,I believe there is a gain!”
Chapter 395 Can you double?
Listen to Yu Lianzhu what is the beast,Also helpful,Chu Deirers have been thinking about it.,Ask for a test:“Can you double??”