Tu Cancan watched warily:“What do you want?”

“It’s nothing,I just want to invite Miss Tu Cancan,Can you take me to buy a handy weapon。”
“So many at home,You directly ask my third grandpa,Just get one for you?”
“This one……forget it!”Xia Chenglong looked embarrassed,“I have accepted too many gifts from the butcher,Some things are better on your own。”
Looking for weapons is small,But he is looking for a reasonable reason to go out,After all, it’s not easy to kill the president of the Warrior Association。
He might not be able to appear in Tujia for the next two or three days,Even in Lingxiao City。
If this kind of thing is known by those shrewd old guys,Will inevitably cause great suspicion,I want to hide in Tujia,Will be very difficult。
“Ok,It’s for you to correct my mistakes,I can help you。”
“that,Long Xiachen is here to thank Miss Tu Cancan。”
Seeing Xia Chenglong suddenly polite,Tu Cancan rolled his eyes,Bye bye arm:“Oops,What a big man is haunting,Annoying!”
Hero enough!