Blue Xin does not have any sympathy against Lin Zikai,after all,Lin Ziwa is a clear two。

She is only casual,Not no temper,For some people,She just wants her toad, her face is very suitable for her face.。
The two continue to go shopping,Blue Xin still picks the right clothes,Le Hao helps her pay,Although still expensive,Can I received it?。
Le Yu also sold a lot,The two don’t pick it back.,But let the salesperson send a courier,In this way, the two will save more events.。
When Le Yu is on the road,Just send a message to Lu Haozheng,Let him eat。
Lu Hao Cheng is also generous,I will ask them to go to the Yangtze River Hotel.。
Shen Jiaqi was taken away by Gu Yi Lin,so,Only Lu Si and four children,There is also Lu Haocheng to come to Jiangyou Hotel and join them.。
Enter the private room,Le Hao tells Lu Haozheng today.。
Lu Hao Cheng and Lu Si,Face is very refreshing。
Lu Haocheng these days,Also just in Cha Lin,Although there are many industries,But there are few people who make money.,This will not be able to earn this one million years.,Real estate this year,Some cold doors。
The hotel business is not particularly good.。
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin and Le Yu smiled.:“Do well!”
Blue Xin looked at him,Not talking,If you can get along well,Who is willing to have a sin?,Now,She is completely thoroughly of Lin Zihang.。
But Lu Hao Cheng is her man,She is determined,No one is allowed to have her man。
Who is Lin Zai?,One scum in the sea,How can I compare her a man?。
immediately,Blue Xin looked at Lu Haozheng,Yang, a confident smile。
Lu Hao Cheng,Laughing smiles,Although I don’t know why she laughed so confident,but,As long as the blue is laughing at him,She is his medicine。
Lu Si is watching,Suddenly looked at Blue Xin,“Blue,You are really falling in love with our family.,do you know?
When you were young, I chased it every day.,Taking a brother,I grew up and marry you.,That sound is brittle,It’s very comfortable to listen.,Now,You finally have to pay。”
Blue Xin:“”“elder sister,There is still children here.。”
Blue Xinhong face ,The tail glanced over the four children,Four children have a world to form a world,Don’t care about what they are talking about between them.。
Lu Si thought four children,She also likes these three children very much.。
“but,Blue,This is a handsome and,When I was a child, I was very similar.!”
Lu Sisi looked at Xiao Jun and, if I thought。
“I also have a photo of A Chengmai.,Who will give you a look,Really like。”
Lu Si this moment,Very serious。
Lu Haocheng looks at my sister’s look,A face“Sister, you can’t pit.”Expression,It’s not the timing of the truth now.。
Le Yu also said:“Think,You find this problem,I have already found it.,Xiao Jun and Lu Hao are really like。”
Lu Hao’s nerve,Herculed,Be stretched tightly,Looking at Blue Xin, looking at Blue Xin。
Lan Jun Junsian three people are also very interested in Lu Haozheng,after all,In addition to Blue Hands,Other two little guys,I am also very interested in this matter now.。
Blue Xin listen this,Look at it,I also read a glimpse,Laugh,“Gather,Sister,You say this,Age is unfair。”
“fair,Blue,Absolute fairness,Nothing is more fair than this。”
Lu Haocheng does not wait for Le Yu and Lu Si to answer,Just grab the answer。
He also wants to find an excuse to hate himself,Then let yourself be guilty,During the seven years ago, I didn’t dare to recognize the blue blue.。