Li Hui Feng also laughed and nodded:“Row,I send you,By the way, I will take my parents.。”

I listened to Li Hui to go to my parents.,Zhao Xiaoling is also a tense。
After all, the stinky wife always wants to see the in-laws.。
Although she has seen it before,It’s also smiling and greeted,But if it is really a girlfriend,Her heart is still some of them。
Zhao Xiaoli is even more。
After all, she and Liu Dafu are all married.,If you know that Li speaks with her with her.,Don’t say that Li Shouye,It is Wang Jing, I am afraid I have to go out.。
“Scull,Xia Ling sister,Do you have to go together??”
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-six chapters have no strength
I listened to Li Hui.,Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling also shook his head again and again。
No one is ready to prepare。
“never mind,We are going to see now.,And I should know if I have a little person with Xiaoling.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,I know that Zhao Xiaoli misunderstood。
He just wants to let two people experience a picnic feeling.。
I didn’t expect two people to understand the parents.。
“Ok,Then I will send you.。”
soon,The two are also riding an electric car and gradually。
After two people go,Li Hui Feng is driving the car to the town.。
Night in the night,Li Hui Feng see Liu Xu’s hotel or lights,And guests seem to be a lot。
This makes him don’t know if you should go a moment.。
Think about it,He is still gone。
Entered the door,Willow sweetly saw Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui also saw the other party。
“Sweet sister,Master?
I am going to him.!”
“In the kitchen?,How did you come??
have you eaten?”
Looking at Liu Xu’s face, a happy look,Li Hui Feng does not help but want to tease each other。
“Didn’t eat it?,But I am going to eat sweet sister at night.。”
This exit,Willow sweet is also shameful。
“Go to help.,More than guests tonight。”
Say,She also directly pushed Li Hui to the back.。
And this scene is seen by many guests to eat.,They are all revealed look。
Willow sweet is not intentionally for such eyes.。
Li Hui Hui has long experienced the wind waves.,This gentle of this eyes,He happened to practice。
Just when Li Hui, I went in to help Liu Zhiming cooked.。
But it is suddenly a noise.。
“Summer boss,Don’t make trouble, good,I rejected you many times.,When did I promise you??”
Feelings, I am eating every day.,Do you think I am really going to eat??”
“I don’t believe me, let your little white face, call me my grandfather.”“Before,I still doubt, how do you refuse me?,According to the truth, I am not more than who is better.,Now I understand it.,Actually raised a small white face.!”