I wish Minglang not answer。

It’s not that he pretends to be advanced,Mainly because he himself is still in the exploring stage。
Xiao Qingzhuo grows up,While awakening various powerful abilities,Some are derived from its innate blood,Some are learned and comprehended in the process of self-cultivation。
As for this purification wheel,It should be from the blood of Qinghuang,But if the cultivation process is more economical,I may not awaken。
Xuelong originally wanted to fight Cangluan Qinglong,It turns out that my spell is like a kid’s trick in front of Cangluan Qinglong,Finally it had to rush forward,Fight with Cangluan and Qinglong with a burly body。
Cangluan and Qinglong are in the growth period after all,Not strong physique。
It avoids Xuelong lightly,But Xuelong’s actions have actually become slower and slower,The toxin of the coral stinger is fully functional。
clumsy、slow,Like a brown bear chasing an elegant and dancing blue butterfly,Brown bears will even trip over their own legs。
Watching stage,Soon there was laughter from some female students。
Anyone can see,Cang Luan Qinglong is playing with this stupid snow dragon。
Su Huan’s face is ashen。
Own dragon,But the median master,And it is expected to enter the upper master class next year。
The opponent’s Long Xiuwei is clearly one rank lower than himself,On the contrary, there is a big gap in strength。
This caused Su Huan to glance at his other two dragons.。
Dragon Dragon Lord and Dragon Lord Belong。
They are all subordinate masters,The cultivation base is the same as Cangluan Qinglong。