First1865chapter Behind the truth
This sudden change,Really surprised Xia Jian。
He quickly finished washing,So I went to see Secretary Wang。Secretary Wang saw Xia Jian come to him,He took a breath and said:“Such a big thing happened in Mengwan Village,We who are cadres are also responsible。You go to the city!Deputy Mayor Feng and I went to Mengwan Village”
“Ok!You take Liu Zimin,Call me if you have anything。This matter is not small,May have alarmed the city government again。I went to the hospital to see another person who drank too much,Maybe Mayor Chen will find me again”Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。
It’s really unsettling,Wave after wave。Xia Jian drove the car,Running fast on the provincial road leading to Pingdu。He has been thinking of Jiao Heiwa in his mind,Originally, he still thought about how to fix this person,What I did not expect is,This opportunity was gone overnight。
Drive halfway,Xia Jian received a call from Secretary Chen Jiang,It means to let Xia Jianma go to the city government to meet Chen Jiang。Xia Jian gave an approximate time,Hung up。
In Pingdu First People’s Hospital。Xia Jian found an alcoholic who drank too much,Found that he has nothing to do,It looks like he just finished playing Diaodi。
This man is in his forties,A look of vicissitudes。Accompanying him are two young men in their thirties。Xia Jianyi walked over,This person actually knows Xia Jian。He bowed his head a little embarrassedly and said:“Chief Xia!You came”
“Are you Jiao Xiaodong?!you know me?How is it now?”Xia Jian asked in a hurry。
Jiao Xiaodong nodded and said:“ I’ve seen you,I heard people say that you are the new town chief。I’m fine,I didn’t expect to drink together for so many years,There was a problem with drinking,Trouble the government”
“You sit down first!Don’t have any burden。I am also an alcoholic,Actually sitting together can drink,Not all enemies,Maybe more friends。Drinking is generally rushing for happiness,Since something happened,We should face it head-on,Complaining can’t solve the problem”Xia Jian said,Let Jiao Xiaodong sit on the bench in the passage。
The two young people accompanying Jiao Xiaodong saw that Xia Jian was going to talk to Jiao Xiaodong,They hid away。
Wait for Jiao Xiaodong to sit down,Xia Jian said in a low voice:“Can you tell me about your drinking last night,Tell me in detail?”