Baoding: Street picks up to 30,000 yuan cold wind waiting for the owner

  On the evening of December 3, Ms. Guo in Shingping County, Baoding City, got a woman’s bag on the Major Road, opened a place in a place. Ms. Guo stands for a long time, waiting for the owner for a long time, and finally returns to the original owner at the police station. "Too much than you, lose so much money, I don’t know what to do!" On December 3, Baoding City Shingping County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station, the woman took lost 30,000 yuan in cash, Excited, I don’t know what to say. At 7 o’clock in the evening, the intersection of Shingping County Electric Power Building, Ms. Guo, who came out of the street, found a black women’s bag on the road.

In curious, Ms. Guo walked out of this women’s bag, and felt that this woman’s bag was settled, and there were many things.

Ms. Guo opened the bag to see, the result was a shocked, there was a hundred dollar bills in the middle.

  Ms. Guo wants that the owner has lost so much money, and it is very anxious to be in the heart, saying that I will come back along the original road, so I will wait in the cold wind.

But waited for a long time and did not see the owner.

If you passively wait, you will take the initiative to find the owner. Ms. Guo took the women’s bag, found the Chengguan police station asked help.

  After understanding the situation, the city police station police registered the women’s bag that Guo Ms. Guo, and made a list of goods in the package, and found that there were 30,000 yuan in cash in the bag, and mobile phones and other items. When the police, when the police were looking for the owner, the phone installed in the bag rang.

After the police received, the ladies of a surname said he was the owner and accurately said the item information installed in the package.

When I learned that his lost women’s bag was sent to the police station by Ms. Guo, the woman was full of hopes, and rushed to the police station to claim the lost. Seeing the goods in the package is not lacking, 30,000 yuan in cash is a lot, and ladies are excited, and they express their gratitude to Ms. Guo and the police.

Ms. Guo said that there is so much money, can she experience what the owner is mood. So she thinks how to contact the owner as soon as possible, "I believe that this kind of thing will do this." (Reporter Wang Yang correspondent Pang Wei).