Don’t Tell Her, originally scheduled to be released this Friday, urgently shifts files, new files to be determined

“Don’t Tell Her”, originally scheduled to be released this Friday, urgently “shifts files”, new files to be determined
On November 20th, Sauna and Yewang learned from the film side of the North American high-profile independent film “Don’t Tell Her” that the film will definitely not be released internally according to the original schedule (November 22). It should be changed at present, but the newThe file is yet to be announced, and the notice of schedule adjustment is also subject to an official statement from the film maker.”Don’t Tell Her” is directed by Chinese director Wang Yiyi, starring Okafina, Zhao Shuzhen, Ma Zhi, etc. The film is scheduled to be released on the same day as “Frozen 2” on the Mainland this Friday, and has become a North American market.This year’s box office dark horse word of mouth masterpiece is also hailed as a popular seed player in this year’s award season.Four months after its release in North America, the film still maintains a high reputation, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes is 99%. Metacritic has always scored 89 points.Until the time of publication, “Don’t Tell Her” earned a total of 19.6 million US dollars at the box office worldwide. With reference to the film’s small cost investment of 3.5 million US dollars, it took the name of the dark box office.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Chen Diyan