“Can’t keep soaking,You have to go back and take a hot bath as soon as possible。”Chen Wenjin is on the reef,Grab Xiao Xiao,Went up,Pick up the big bath towel she put there before entering the water,Surround her。

but,Suddenly it rained again。
Xiao Xiao walks ahead,Holding Chen Wenjin’s hand with one hand and said:“Go slower,too dark,Can’t see the way。”
Chen Wenjin is behind,This will protect Xiao Xiao from the wind,The two carefully walked onto the concrete road in the dark,The light of the street lamp can finally faintly shine。
The big bath towel on Xiao Xiao is soaked,The rain made her shiver even harder,I can only hold Chen Wenjin’s hand to get a little warmth。
When two people pass by a street light,Suddenly I heard Xiao Gao’s voice calling:“gold?”
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen Go heads-up
It’s raining hard,Huihe Xiaogao also walked back,Illuminated by street lights,They came quickly,Chen Wenjin quickly said to Hui:“Give Xiao Xiao some warmth,She is not used to rain。”
“Ok。”Hui promised to hold Xiao Xiao’s arm,Let her stay as close as possible,Xiao Gao and Chen Wenjin are behind the wind,Four people ran back to the holiday villa area together。
After entering,Chen Wenjin leads the way,Send Xiao Xiao to the bathroom,Hui went to Xiao Xiao’s room to help get the clothes,Sent in。
Xiao Gao sees that Chen Wenjin is not in a hurry to take a bath,Still drinking ice coke,Asked in doubt:“Xiao Xiao was afraid of the rain, why would you take her to the beach??”
Chen Wenjin looked at Xiao Gao,I haven’t finished a sip of Coke,Xiao Gao has already got the answer through his look,Then say:“You didn’t take her there。Then she was so afraid of the cold and she still went to the beach……You broke up with butterfly?”
“No。”Chen Wenjin answered and said:“Something happened before,I happened to help Xiao Xiao,She is just more grateful to me。”
Of course this is false,Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to be rumored,Xiao Gao is reliable,Hui was also a tight-lipped person,but……
“do not worry,I will remind Hui,She shouldn’t talk nonsense。”Xiao Gao finished,Silence for a while,Looking at Chen Wenjin uncertainly:“You go to the beach……Is it because of Hye and me??”
“Is not。I won’t do that kind of thing,and,I said I would bless you,Can do it。”Chen Wenjin is not surprised that Xiao Gao thinks so,Human nature。
Separated person,If you know that your partner has a new partner,Still love even though not necessarily,But it’s easy to feel bad。
Especially teenagers。
“Then I’m relieved。Although i think……Actually, there is no breakthrough in the relationship with Hui,Still good friends。”There is loss in Xiao Gao’s voice,More of a kind,Helplessness in a difficult situation。