According to the information from the intelligence department,,Originally they planned to follow Zhang Qiang’s,But suddenly a small group of three or five people blocked their tracking。

And then Zhang Qiang even disappeared directly in the alley,Even the surveillance video on the street could not track this person。
then,The other team members heard news that something happened to Zhang Zhibin。
Thus,Their attention cannot be on Zhang Qiang,After all, Zhang Zhibin’s affairs have a huge impact,A bad deal,Even turmoil throughout the country。
After Qin Feng took Qiao Wei back to Liang’s courtyard,Then I saw a young man not far from his age pointing the country,of course,More is issuing various orders for people in their own family to execute。
Although he obviously saw Qin Feng coming back,But I don’t seem to have time to worry about him。
of course,Qin Feng can be sure from the other party’s prestige,This one is the Liang family among the four princes。But Qin Feng didn’t mean to say hello to him,After all, Liang Houde ignored him!
Obviously, he was given a name from his elders in the hope that he would be a man of virtue and justice。of course,Actually Qin Feng is not necessarily qualified to say that this one is not。
After all, the five big families are basically messy,Because external,The five big families themselves represent this country of China,There is even a taste of both glory and loss。
Now all the state-level cadres of the Zhang family, that is to say, the mainstay who can be the master, are all killed。It’s strange if it’s not messy!
But Qin Feng brought Qiao Wei back this time mainly to see his son Qiao Shan.,its
Qin Feng’s affairs have been temporarily put aside。
The two little guys, Qiao Shan and Wan Yu, stayed very quietly in their rooms.,It’s so incompatible with the mess outside。
of course,fair enough,A person who can not be influenced by the outside world,That is basically one of the prerequisites for success。
“dad?You are discharged?Why are you here?”Qiao Shan became normal when he saw Qiao Wei。