So, I speculate this result.。

However, it is described in the court.,Should also,So the time of death may not be the same time.。
But before the true and powerful evidence,This book is estimated to be ended.。
Light from the name of three to high gods。
The creator did not come,Warmiers and Tianzi are safe and sound。
That is very probably awkward,Semiors cannot exist together with creators。
Therefore, it is very likely that the creator is capable to eliminate the current Tianli.。
So,New Tianzi has,The creator naturally became the main,Maintaining yourself。
Concrete,Seven God wants to resist Tianzi,How to resist?
Juely relying on the Queen of Ice?
Obviously impossible!The gods are old foxes.,May hang on a tree?
Then there is the location of the traveler.。
And the security person wants to seal the traveler,This also makes it more convincing。
Is a foreign person really important??
have no idea,But the seven gods choose travelers may also be because of the actor’s move.。
So it is reasonable to speculate,Seven God believes that travelers may become a creator。
And the hollow is hollow.:The world will not be burned again,Because you will board the god。
Only creators in God are vacant。
The premise of these speculations is:It is not awesome,Semant operators are not,He is also the position of Shenming.!
Just like the seven gods can be changed。
Badminton festival
Francis woke up from sleep,There is no change in the scene of the eye.。
I’m thinking about it.,Francis is a glimpse of Mondic City.。
He completely converges his own breath.,Turn yourself into an ordinary person。
This time, the purpose of Mond is mainly collecting two evidence.。
One is the list of children who have been taken by Dr. April for the batch.,One is the drawing of the devil residue syringe。
but,I have to wait for the end of the matter.。
Simon?Gushen Hild there should be,I don’t know if I can come over.。
As for the drawings,I can only grab it.。
Francis can not expose the identityxFaceful。
In front of the city gate,Not just Mond,There is also a moon,Rice wife,Winter……
So Frances“Foreigner”Not causing attention。
Everyone is preparing for the Batherm Festival Celebration,No one notes him。
It’s not bad to see.,At least Mondic City has no white development in these years.。