“Miss Keiko predecessors,We really would like you to learn more,This thing is past it,Miss Huizi,How Wong kind of wood there?”

“He is now deputy director of the inauguration of the headquarters of agents,He also said that I really want to see you.。”
“Then you put him bring it,I really have something to ask him。”
Hankui Huizi is now comfortable.,By investigating these days because she did not find any long pool Shunsuke wrong place,She knew long pool Shunsuke will know sooner or later he had doubted him,It’s better to ask directly to ask,This will not let the other party misunderstand oneself。
Wong wood to give a long long pool mansion pool Shunsuke thanks to a deep bow:“Thanks to a long pool curator traveled to take me to!You have recycling grace to me,In the future, Wang wishes to go to the soup for a long time.!”
“Director Wang!You can do this,You are our friends of the Empire of Japan,We do so it should be。”
“Did you find me for a long time??”
“Director of Wang,I’d like portrait, animal husbandry, fish and jellyfish,You know they do?”
“sorry,Long pool,I am just a ear to these two people.,I have never seen it.。”
“That God does kill?”
“I am listening to the boss saying a mouth.!”
Wong said that wearing wooden listen to kill God,Qi Rui rose from his chair excitedly asked:“You know God kill?!Surnamed Dai said what!”
NS393chapter Military team fails
Dai boss right now, how could Wang Tien-mu said he,Be sure to have a downtime,Really is a big special agent,Some things consider are comparative week。
“Dai said that killing is his ace agent group。”Wang Tianmu said,
“Ace agent group?now it’s right,They should not be a person。”Ritual,
“Correct,Listening to the meaning of the mortality,How much does the group member do not say?,It can be seen from the look.,Everyone in this intelligence group is an intelligence and a master.。”
“Director of Wang,You can hear a cherry blossom hijacking incident?”Qi Rui,
“heard about it,It is said that this incident will mention the killing,Because it is the action of killing God personally commanded。”
“He personally commanded actions,So saying that the killing is also in the cherry.!?”
“good,It is said that,The sakura hijacking action is killing God and the Shanghai Station of Shanghai Station, Wang Tianfeng jointly,Because of the big action,They also have used the local guerrillas in Wuxi.。”
“Director of Wang,What is said about what to say??You have a word that you have said to me.。”Ruorui and very urgent,
“Long pool,You are gratitude to me,I know that I will know all.,I really don’t have anything else.,After I have asked some friends,But no one knows what to kill the god and killing a god action group。”
Qi Rui bowed for a few seconds:“Director of Wang,I believe you!Are you not available at this point here??”
“Long pool,My activity area is always in the north of the Yellow River.,I am not familiar with Shanghai.,But I can give you some people’s information.,Such as Chen Gong,Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan,Portrait of Wu Tianbao et al.,I have seen these people.。”
“We have all of these people.。Chen Gong is not or you give us,Director of Wang,Maybe I will let you follow me to Beiping and Tianjin,Are you not very familiar over there?,I hope we cooperate to clear all anti-Japanese elements.。”
“Long pool,Wang must cooperate。”
“very good,You go busy.,After going back, I will give me the information on the Beijingjin.。”Ritual,
Hankui Huizi sent people to send Wang Tianmu back to the agent headquarters,Back to the office:“Long pool,During this time, killing the god action group seems to have no movement.,They will not run around?”
“should be,Recently pay attention to the news in other regions。”
Ruiru is going home today.,Because he wants to know that the martial art team has successful,After an hour, I received a call from Li Xiaoyu.,She notifies the unreasonable action with the dark language,Now the train has arrived in Shanghai,The national treasure on the train has shipped to the devil’s military pier.。
Rui Rui drove to find Li Xiaoyu,I learned that the current staff of the martial art team has arrived in Shanghai.,Jing Yun told Li Xiaoshang to the reason for the failure。
“Not a planning plan?,Is it no chance??”