“Don’t need you to introduce it again,We also know that the blue blue is your wife.。”

Blue Xin:“……”Her forehead has a sign written with her is Lu Hao Cheng’s wife??
“hehe…”Lu Haocheng smiled,“Tell you again,I don’t think that waste is tongue.,Blue blue drops around me away,Instead, it is accompanying me.,I have recently, I only give it to the blue blue.。”
Le Yu:“……”He Lu Hao Cheng“Pure”?
Where,Why didn’t she see it??
Lu Haocheng, no matter what Le Yu is idea.,He bowed,Look at Blue Xin,“Blue,Your smile is full of sunlight,When you laugh,My heart has been,Thank you back to my world.,Let me really see the best love。”
Le Yu,Constis,Mu Qing,Walk away from,I have never felt that I am bright today.,It is also bright than one hundred tile light bulbs.。
Blue Xin:“……”Did this Lu Hao Cheng have a honey tonight??She is flustered,Looking at the beautiful lip,I want to let her crimes.。
Lu Haocheng saw them left,Satisfied smile,When the light bulb is a night,Really unconsciously。
“Blue,are you full?”
Blue Xin nodded,Even if you don’t eat full,I was also filled with him just now.。
She is not coming to look at his one-in red lips.,When will she be seduce?。
Neither,She can’t think about it,She wants to work hard,Otherwise people will say,look,Lu Hao Cheng’s wife,In addition to long looking, it is。
Lu Haochi micro hook,road:“Blue,or,We went to the yard to take a while,It is all wine here,Going to the yard。”
She has not sent him a gift yet,Do you want to give him alone?,He is now to give her a chance to make。
He is looking forward to her gift all day.。
I want to see what is it??
He for her gift,Sitting upset。
Blue Xin listen this,He a birthday star,Do you want to leave the person of this house leave??
She thought about it.,Say:“Lu Hao Cheng,In fact, I am not very happy.,I still want to eat shrimp and fish。”
Lu Haocheng’s eyes have been screaming,Help she sit down,“Blue,Because you are pregnant mother,There is a nutritious food specializing in you.,I will give you。”
Lu Hao Cheng turned,Take your own bitterness,This grinder’s little gum。
woo woo woo woo!!
She has a first birthday with him.,Should not be like this。
Little blue blue,Will give him a lot of gifts。
NS871chapter:Be a diamond ring
NS871chapter:Be a diamond ring
Lu Haocheng silently took a food back,Blue Xin looked at him laughing,have to say,Food prepared tonight,Let her have an appetite。
Especially steamed fish,Tender and refreshing。
Blue Xin bowed to eat,Lu Haozheng pressed the heart of the heart,Patience waiting for Blue Xin to eat。
Le Yu and Lu Si to accompany Ou Jingxi,Mu Qing is busy taking care of four children。
And Blue Xin did not go out at all.,She has been eating slowly,Lu Haocheng is so sad.。
Time is a little bit,Time to cut cake,Everyone is still playing very much.。
European:“Our Shouxing in this evening began to cut cakes.。”Finish cake,He also should go home to sleep.。
ThishighA night,Wine is also a bit。
He glanced at Su Sei Ming,The blush is like a monkey buttock,Whole person,In Lin Biao’s side。
Lu Haocheng once again looked at Blue Xin with a fish for a night.,Silent gathered to cut the cake。
Lan Xin also walked over。
All people are surrounded。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng one by one,Only Su Sei Ming,Fast stations are unstable,Being across the shoulders of the forest。