at last,When the first game is almost at the end,Crazy Iori fell unwillingly。

Lost a role,The black and thin boy’s eyelids twitched twice,The short guy next to me is so anxious。
“Keep it steady!Already lost one。”Shouted short junior high school student。
“To shut up!”The black and thin boy said coldly。
Start of the second round,The black and thin boy did not choose to leave the hidden character crazy Liana,Instead, he chose Gengoro, the same gate as Lu Menglin。
Two shirtless giants appear on the screen at the same time,Same body shape,The same strong。
Daemon Gengoro is a character known for his melee skills,Just be caught close,Damage explosion。
The black and thin boy quickly adjusted his rhythm,Trying to jump close to Lu Menglin,In the end, Lu Menglin kicked him lightly,Stiff stature。
Lu Menglin seems to be an understatement,Light legs in a row,A tricky angle,Gengoro, the gate of the black and thin boy who was kicked, was about to vomit blood。
I finally got rid of the opponent’s light leg control,When the black and thin boy wants to re-adjust the attack rhythm,But found that the other party has been retracted to the corner of the screen。
Impatient,A big jump chase,But Lu Menglin seized the opportunity,Heavy leg air defense,Catch a short shot,Landing and then backhand a seismic wave,The small half tube of blood is gone。
Bang!The black and thin boy’s gate Yuan Menlang landed like a big ball,Suddenly aroused cheers from all around。
As the so-called layman watch the excitement,Insider。The three times Lu Menglin did just now,In the eyes of Xiaosiyan and their masters,It’s really wonderful,Live up to the name of the first master。
Especially to grasp the opponent’s psychology clearly,This psychological battle is so beautiful,Every move of the opponent,Every change,All expected,Wilting?
at this time,The black and thin boy’s face is pale,He finally realized,I met a top master。
This game hall is a small owner,It is very likely that since he played this game,Meet the strongest one。