“It’s not just a tortoise,And Han Xin。There is another word for the word abbreviation,Called forbearance,Or take a step back;If you are more arrogant, you can never remember the villains,The prime minister can hold a boat;Taoism can be said to be indisputable,In Buddhism。Why do I have to substitute myself for the tortoise?I’m a man of Taoism, OK??Substitute yourself as the prime minister, regardless of the villain’s life.?”Chen Wenjin paused and continued:“As for how long I can hide,It depends on how long you can come。Just go to the school and block you,I must call the police;Actually, it is unwise for you to block downstairs in my house,This building where i live,You can have a look,The first floor is the security dormitory of the opposite company,My dad is also in charge of the security team,It’s not easy to take the initiative to hit someone,But they will definitely not let me be beaten。so,It’s probably fine to hide until next year,I’m afraid you don’t have the perseverance to take a group of people to guard every day,More than 20 people in one trip,Taxi fare,Eat and drink,Drinking at night,You don’t care a day or two,Don’t care for a month or two,You can not care for a year or two?Even if you don’t care,Don’t you buy some big-name bags with this money??Isn’t buying some jewelry fragrant??I have to compete with the one-sided person,worth it?”

“Say so much,You’re still scared!”Sister Huo is very proud。
“You are so crazy,Of course I am afraid!What am i doing wrong?Why are you making trouble with someone like you??”
“It’s my fault?You gave me a fake page number first!I don’t want face?”Sister Huo was so angry。
“beauty,I just think about you want face,Just gave you a fake。The normal process should be:You find it is fake,And then you didn’t see me。You don’t follow the routine,I found out that it was a fake number and bluffed,Everyone around you knows that a man like me gave you a fake paging sign。Fake paging sign is not the optimal solution,Should i give you really,Then tell you on the phone that I have a girlfriend,There is no possibility of development with you,No need to meet again?”Chen Wenjin actually thinks he was wrong too,Just forgot,Sister Hong is also a girl,If the character is a bit anxious or straightforward,Won’t understand his kind euphemism。
“I tell you what is the correct way!Is giving me a real call number,And immediately dumped your girlfriend as my man!Everything else is wrong!”Huo’s logic is more direct,just,She clearly has no worries about other friends listening。
“then,Wait for you to finish,Or meet new prey,I can get out,is not it?”Chen Wenjin said irritably:“Are you playing with the mentality of men hunting women??But this world is not a natural prey for everyone, okay??The most powerful hunter,There are also goals that should not be pursued,There are also prey that should be given up。obviously,I am the prey you should give up。”
“So you think so……”Sister Huo’s tone eased down,Said sadly:“I fell in love with you at first sight!Because of my initiative,You think I’m a casual person,Feel I don’t value feelings?You look at people with colored glasses like this,Not too much?Do you know me?Have you tried to get to know me?Define me like this!”
“okay,Stop acting。Switch personality styles so quickly,You are not too blunt,Finding a friend is a great drama,You too。said,I’m the prey you should give up,I don’t eat any of your routines,do not waste time,With this time I can go hunting more handsome guys,Alright?”Chen Wenjin continues to expose,Don’t give Sister Huo any chance。
“Chen Wenjin——You bastard!”On the phone,Sister Huo suddenly yelled with an angry cry,Then hung up。
Chen Wenjin calmly put down the phone,Whispered:“Really give up,In the end,It really looks like that,I want to wait for my repeated self-guessing and wondering if I misunderstood you?”
Put down the phone,Chen Wenjin didn’t think about it anymore,Just he knows,This is not a complete end。