“stop looking,All the same,You should change your clothes quickly!”Lu Wanting seems to have eyes growing behind her head,She said coldly。

Change it,I’m not afraid of a woman,What is he afraid of as a master,Xia Jian took off his clothes。
First0775chapter Show off
Close the windows,Draw the curtains。
A seemingly peaceful competition is about to begin。Xia Jian glanced at Lu Wanting with bare feet,He had to take off the re-worn shoes,To know,His real skill is on these feet。
Lu Wanting, wearing a kung fu suit, smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I only heard that Xia Jian of Venture Group is a business wizard,But I didn’t hear anyone say that you still have kung fu。Your punch last year left you out,It doesn’t seem to be your punch,And I heard that someone else gave you a set”
“Hearing cannot be a proof,Seeing can be believing。Let’s do it!But I have something to say first,If you lose,Just give you why Su Yiman gave you the picture of us sleeping,Tell me clearly”Xia Jian said,Turn the topic,Immediately put forward the conditions。
Lu Wanting glanced at Xia Jian a little contemptuously and said:“OK!I promise you,But if you lose,You have to listen to me,Otherwise which photos I will let it fly all over the sky”
This seemingly weak woman can speak such big words,What is she capable of,Xia Jian was puzzled for a while。The bet is too big,The big one can’t be the master for a while。If you lose, you have to listen to others,Isn’t the entrepreneurial group going to be destroyed in his hands?。
Ha ha!Shouldn’t be so evil,A woman is half a catty,Although Xia Jian can’t see through,But he can still understand a little bit。Xia Jian secretly smiled,He said coldly:“A gentleman,Horses are hard to chase,Just do as just said”Xia Jian finished,Showed a pose。
Do what you want,Although Xia Jian said that martial arts are more complicated,But wasn’t he trained by Old Xiao later??And the Daoist in purple clothes,What he can teach Xia Jian is some martial arts skills that have been lost in the world。
Lu Wanting clasped fists with both hands,Asked the fairy,Greeted Xia Jian and attacked,Xia Jian’s feet shake,People have slipped a few steps。Immediately afterwards, he made a trick to light up the wings of a white crane,Attacked without giving way。
Experts will know if there is any,This is true。He played against Lu Wanting,I know this woman who looks gentle,The skill is really extraordinary。
A blink of an eye,The two have each attacked more than ten moves,But helpless opponents are very strong,Can’t tell the high and low for a moment。Xia Jian was barefoot,So he uses very little footwork。Thus,Lu Wanting specifically attacked his bottom plate,Xia Jian was in a hurry。
Although he hates this woman,But there is no deep hatred between them,So his feet have remained unused。
When Lu Wanting first started,May be underestimating Xia Jian’s ability,Hand in hand,Only then did she know that Xia Jian was much better than she thought。Lu Wanting, who couldn’t control Xia Jian for a while, suddenly shouted:“Pay attention,This girl is going to show off”With her voice,Lu Wanting’s boxing skills suddenly changed。
Elbow,Knee up,Autocrat’s joint。Vicious,Forcing Xia Jian to retreat。He slowly figured it out,This woman uses Muay Thai,No wonder it’s so powerful and ferocious,It can be said to be deadly。