“This……I have never heard of it.。”Qiaofeng is still some hesitation。

“Kang Min’s old age?”Chu Deirers asked directly。
“Should be thirty-five six,But it seems to be young。”Qiaofeng estimates it.。
“This age、Another is a woman,Uncle and uncle have hatred,Not normal?”Chu Deirers asked。
Qiao Feng:……
Qiaofeng is speechless for a while,And the explanation of 惆怅:“I also heard the Palace nearby,So I will explore one or two,otherwise……Although it is incredible,But my heart can’t let it go.。”
峰 峰 严 严 严 严 严:“In the face of your brother,The second brother is also a brother.,If it is true, the prince is……Although Qiao does not pay for him,But will also be a fifty one to bring people in the year to kill me and my mother,Say it clearly,After that, go to the outside cliff before,Worship in my parents’ clothes!”
At this time, Qiao Feng already knows that Duan Yu is not only from Duan.,And the son of the son of Zhennan,Chu Deirers and Sega、Especially with Zhennan King,This relationship is also very,Although it is flat at this moment,But it’s not a killing。
The Chu Deiren is ignorant:“If Zhao Qianzun, Zhao Qian,Listen to a teenage、The words of the lave of the day flowers,Go to the mountain customs ambush,I feel that I am not full of princes.……”
Chapter 346 Murongjiu begins thinking
After Qiao Feng and Chu deer came back,Both parties,Continue to rush to the small mirror lake。
Gu sincece“Louder”Crowd,Further expand,Even North Qiao Feng also came,The heart is getting more。
Instead, A Zhu as Qiao Feng is back.,Some worry——She did not agree with Joe Brother to show up the Chu Deirers.,After all, now Duan Zheng is very likely to be Qiao Brother to kill the father’s enemy。
A Zhu didn’t know his life.,Nature is completely Qiao Feng,Originally she saw,Qiaofeng learned the entanglement after this matter,At this time, I hope that Qiao Feng can“No interference”Judgment this matter!
At the same time, the Chu deer came back.,Also found that A Zhu is like a unpleasant Murongjiu.,The two are completely unimaginable……
If you just keep some distance,Chu Deirers are able to understand——Aizhu knows the true gender of Murongjiu,But others don’t know,What if it is for Qiao Feng?、Delicate to fade your own maid,Tell it。
Just now A Zhu’s attitude,Be unlikely“keep distance”,It is not willing to take care of Murongjiu!
“Humph,All‘cousin’Surgent is used to!People A Zhu girl,Originally a husband of Murong,I said that I said it.,If you find a good person,Murong’s beauty will marry A Zhu girl.。”Wang Yizhen is dissatisfied。
Murong Jiu Wen,No eyebrows:“How do I have to stop her and Qiao Feng??I am just……”
“how?Also want to owe you a person in North Qiaofeng?Still hope that Aizhu will do it.‘Internal’?”Mu Yizhen does not give her face。
Seeing that they have to quarrel,Originally falling in the back,A few steps on a japonicar,Hit three people,I have squeezed myself.:“Don’t be noisy!Murong brother,You are also atmospheric!”
Murongjiu saw Chu Deengu again,Could not help but“Humph”A sound,Twist。
A Zhu and Qiaofeng are discussing in the way,Don’t care about this,Just Gu Yucheng……At this time, I always feel that the relationship between this person is weird.!
But the ancient man can’t think of other people.,I have already arrived in Xiaoshu.——When the month is empty,Plus the reflection of lake water,There seems to be a little bright around.,And there is no time to rest。
“Prince!You look delicious.!It is the main point of view.!”Gu sincecheng immediately opened the broken thoughts。
Mu Yizhen wants to stop,I have never been able to get。
Chu Deirers vague,Small in the lake,It seems to have passed a little low、Men and women quarrel,But not much time,Duan Zheng, the face of the spring breeze and hustle。
I don’t know, I thought he was just teaching in the house.……
“Gentle!You can hang up to die for your father.!Chu Chuzi is also?well……kindness?and many more!This girl,You are……”Duan Zhengyi came out,It was also shocked by this.。
First, I am busy looking for my daughter to express concern.,Then I still don’t wait for the guilty、And suggest that he has to bring his daughter.、Where can I go?,Discover……Next to this young girl,Very variety“look familiar”!
Wang Yizhen saw the Duan Zheng,The instinum is also excited——After all, it is your own biological father.,As in the name of the name……I am dead when she is a child.,Impression is not deep。