A long time,She feels that there is no bottom.。

It’s good to practice like her.,When she is cultivated, she can get empty herself.。
“Sister,I tell you something.,Now your shares have become 50%.,Su Dado may soon look for you to sign a contract.,You will sign it directly.,do not mention it,do you know?”
Xu Ru 芸 is also a bit surprised by this.。
“how is this possible,How can he give you so many shares??”
Xu Ruzhen felt that this is fraud,But I didn’t feel anything for a long time.。
Chapter 1232 Our
“I don’t know this.,In fact, I am also very surprised.,But since Su Da Ge is so decided,I naturally stop blocking。”
“breeze,Not this problem,I didn’t make a mistake.,You were 30%,Then he thirty,Han Shanshan twenty,Boss fifteen,Jiang Shuyan five,How can he give up so much??”
Xu Ruzhen reminded him to a little wonderful。
“At this time, the sister will help me ask.,Anyway, I have been busy in the village recently.,This matter is clear if you ask,I will do this again.。”
Following Li Hui Feng, why is the other person who is willing to give so many shares?。
Although the reasons are very full,But Xu Ruyi is still a little untrustworthy。
“breeze,This is handed over.,Although the relationship is good,But sometimes it is good to talk to the interests.。”
I heard the confident tone in Xu Ru’s words.,Li Anti-style is not much more。
Now let Xu Ruzhen do it.,The same thing is also,Xu Ruzhen doesn’t want to fight with Su Liang。
Since Xu Ruzhen began to cultivate,Li Hui also found that Xu Ruzhen’s character is also strong.。
At least, it is strong than when she is dry garment industry.。
But there is no to him.。
Hang up the phone,Xu Ru is directly to Su’an.。
Received the phone of Xu Ru,Su cool is a bitter laughter,It is definitely that Li speaks about the wind and said.。
“Brother,You should call me the question of the shares.?”
Xu Ru 芸 did not expect Su Lianghui to open the door to see the mountain.。
“Um,I want to listen to what I think of Su Gong.,Even if the wind has more than a dozen billion,His money should not be 20 shares.,How can I give so much??”
“hehe,In fact, I don’t want you to say.,This medicine has been merged with the drunk fairy,The same day,But I also want to prevent one hand on Li Jia.。”
“As for how to prevent each other, you have also seen it.,That is, I took out 10%,Laojin took out 5%,Han Jia took out 5%,Re-tied Xiao Li to our ship。”
“after all,We didn’t have Xiao Li.,The speed is too slow.,I am tired with the old gold and exhausted in North China.,But we just stand firm.,Not can’t be defeated by people,Some places have even been touched by people.。”
Xu Ru frowned:“What is the relationship between this??”
“Hey-hey,Li Lei is returned back,So many things you can do.,The same Li Jia will also converge,As for the golden home, it will not pick up the peach.,After all, this peach he has a lot.。”
After talking about Xu Ruzhen。
“Su big brother,The shares still follow the original.,I told the little wind.,If you don’t have to use him?,It’s good to pay for it.,Otherwise, this is too much to suffer.。”
“As for those things you said,In fact, you have seen it.,Xiao Li has always been a person who is a medicinal house.,I will be in him.。”
Xu Ruzhen’s words are already obvious,That is Li Hui, will definitely standing around her.,The root is not necessary to take her to contact Li Hui Hui.。
Because of the connection,She also knows soon.。
I have to say that Xu Ru is said to be beneficial.。
Su Chang listened this,It is also a laugh:“Row,Then follow the younger brother.,I will see the finance to make money.。”
Since you can throw out,He is naturally happy.。
Xu Ruzhen understands that it is a little thoughts for the past.。
This Suyang should see Jin Mingwu and Li Xianer really have a completeness of the crisis.。
What is the same but can’t say?。