‘Mane rat’Already and‘Pigeon’Lost for many days,Had already prepared for the worst,I never expected Li Tianzhen to come here,It’s not clear how complicated the situation is,And this place is very weird,Li Tianzhen might be pretending to be crazy,Or it was hit hard,Use all your skills,It’s not uncommon what happens,If you don’t respond carefully,Easily self-defeating,Provoke big/trouble,Now I can only watch the changes。

Enough fighting with a few ruthless people,Sitting aside tired and panting,Li Tianzhen is only left to vent his breath,Although Xiao Song looked very heartbroken,but‘Mane rat’The stern eyes finally let her control her emotions,She is snow and smart,I also know that Li Tianzhen will never appear here for no reason.,No matter if he pretends to be crazy,Still experienced some major changes,It is indeed not acquaintance at this time and here、In the old days。
But he finally came,Xiao Song is mixed with joy at this moment,So long apart,Meeting again is actually such a scene,This is something she never dreamed of。
After Yuxing’s accident,Xiao Song has been to and fro under the coercion of the kidnappers,Once in despair,But her inherent stubborn character still made her survive the most difficult days.,Even knowing that I was taken out of the country,Xiao Song still retains a glimmer of hope in his heart,until‘Mane rat’s arrival,Only then did she understand how important persistence is,It’s a pity that these kidnappers are too cunning,Let‘Mane rat’Inadvertently got into the trap,The escape plan also fell short。
And Li Tianzhi lying on the ground at this moment,Although it looks badly injured,Actually just some skin trauma,Far from the point where it hurts,But I want to laugh,Getting a hard hit basically eliminated his worries,This is not an illusion,The endless darkness before is,In this way,Prove that I haven’t exposed,At least the old evildoer after serious doubt,Also relaxed。
This also indirectly shows‘Big earthworm’The disguise technique is still effective,And the two of Xiao Song may have been given magical powers,This old evildoer is so cunning,It’s so complicated,What does it want to do?
Stroke a little,Li Tianzhen will understand,In fact, when I was selected into the mountain gate,He was recognized by the other party as a false believer,Because the old man told him when he went up the mountain in his head‘Imprint’,Why the other party forbeared and didn’t expose him,Just because the chosen believers are no different from the dead,It doesn’t matter whether you expose it or not。
These believers have several uses,The old evildoer was exhausted in a battle last night,Urgent need to replenish mental power and blood food,They may be devoured by the soul,Or regenerated flesh and blood,Was created as‘Ears and eyes’,Or good physical qualifications,Can be further cultivated to advanced‘Ears and eyes’、protector,Even preachers,And he, the hypocrite, is just material。
The accident happened to the curious believer,This guy wants to see what’s inside the main door,Li Tianzhen’s innate perception explodes,I have a hunch that there is danger in the spying door,So I rescued him,How could the rescue fail?,Instead, they were thrown into the fantasy world by two monks,From that moment,The old evildoer became suspicious,After all, I was hit hard at night,Early in the morning, Li Tianzhen escaped without a trace on the unicorn beast,At this time the evildoer’s suspicion is extremely serious。
Figured out this layer,Li Tianzhi gradually gained some confidence,But I dare not take it lightly,He knows nothing about Nangar Temple,The old evildoer has been in the entire Dala Mountain for a long time,There must be various institutions in the temple,He was blind when he first arrived,And the old evildoer must be observing his every move through some kind of spiritual power,Any unusual behavior will be able to summon the opponent to doubt again。
Moreover, Li Tianzhen’s strength to the preacher is just a guess,If the previous illusion was launched by the preacher,Then the strength of this person is much higher than previously expected,Never underestimate,Don’t think you found Xiao Song and fled,In fact, it is extremely risky,Must act by chance in the process of clarifying the situation。
Li Tianzhen lay on the ground and groaned for a long time,Struggling to get up,But was stepped on the chest by a guy,I murmured in my mouth,Made my friends laugh,Xiao Song sadly turned his face to the corner of the wall,and‘Mane rat’He kept looking at Li Tianzhi,Expressionless,Raging in my heart。
These people have been under surveillance in the small stone house for one night,Actually quite boring,And gradually suppressed some unknown fire,Completely treat Li Tianzhen as an object of play and fun,They don’t seem to take the monks seriously in this place,But quite jealous of the preacher,otherwise,With such a hot temper,I’m afraid it’s an early quarrel。