A-stock midday disability finishing creation 0.52% steel sector fell before

    On the surface, the HIT batteries, electronic cigarettes and other sections have led two cities. Steel, coal mining processing, PVDF concepts and other sections have fallen. Up to now, all transactions in Shanghai and Shenzhen have increased the price of 2291: 2058, and 4 people have been left in the two cities.

  In terms of north to fund, Northern funds in the morning flow in more than 3.7 billion yuan, of which Shanghai stocks flow into exceed 700 million yuan, and the deep shares flows over 3 billion yuan. In terms of shares, the current limit shares are as follows: Hengxin Oriental (%), markear seed industry (%), strict shares (%), four-dimensional map new (%), Jin Chen shares (%).

  The top five stocks in the handoffs are: Ningbo Fang Zheng, Jinpu Garden, Angu Technology, Tianyi Ma, strict shares,%,%,%,%,%, respectively. Guasheng Securities believes that the current index high-level box shock trend is not changed, short-term exponential rebound kinetic energy is still underway, but the volume is not effective, but the rebound is limited, the exponential rebound continues need to be closely concerned. The market is still a fast-moving pattern of sectors. The overall continuity is poor, and it should not be blindly chasing hotspots in operation. (China New Jingwei App) (the views in the text are for reference only, do not constitute investment recommendations, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious.