[Effects and Functions of Taiwan Eight Immortals]_Benefits_Premise

[Effects and Functions of Taiwan Eight Immortals]_Benefits_Premise

The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea I believe everyone has heard that the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea refers to the gods.

However, there is another ingredient called Baxianguo, also called Taiwan Baxianguo. Don’t look at it because it is inconspicuous.

The most classic is to reduce phlegm and cough, because its ingredients are different, and there are more than one effect.

So which eight immortals in Taiwan are effective?

Taiwan’s Eight Immortals: Ancient legends Eight immortals are made from “citron fruit” (melon fruit similar to oranges). Recently, they are made from grapefruit and tangerine peel, Pinellia ternata, Poria, licorice, Erchen decoction, and borneolFood.

Taiwan hydrangea medicinal value: The main effect of hydrangea is to relieve cough and reduce phlegm, which is especially helpful for sore throat.

Including sore throat caused by simple cold, cough, and dry throat caused by smoking, sore throat symptoms, hydrangea fruit has a good relief effect.

But if it is typical asthma, which is caused by trachea rupture, infiltration or inflammation, such asthma or cough caused by the lower respiratory tract, hydrangea fruit is less effective.

As far as Chinese medical terminology is concerned, Baxian Guo is effective for “hot cough”, but not effective for “cold cough”.

Hot cough refers to a type of cough when the general cough or sore throat coughs.

Cold cough refers to allergic cough caused by asthma, asthmatic asthma (cough when active, do not cough when sitting).

Precautions for eating hydrangea: Many people will eat hydrangea, Luo Han Guo, etc. for colds and coughs to alleviate the symptoms. I don’t know if this kind of food is unwell, this kind of cold food may block the air conditioner and cause the disease to worsen.

The doctor said that the cold cough is divided into hot cough and cold cough, which can be distinguished by observing the color of sputum. If the thick yellow sputum is mostly hot cough, then eating Luo Han Guo and hydrangea can improve some food.G, add 500cc of water to decoction to 200cc, drink 100cc each morning and evening; or add 25cc of mulberry leaves to decoction to 300cc and remove residue, 100cc each morning, noon and evening.

Why is the effect of phlegm and cough of Baxian Guo so good?

Baxianguo slimming is compatible with Erchen Decoction, a famous Chinese medicine prescription for relieving cough and phlegm.

Erchen Tang originated from the Song Dynasty “Taiping Huiminhefangfangfang”, which has a certain effect on relieving coughing yellow, itching and coughing, sore throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and anorexia.

Therefore, “the entrance of the Eight Immortals, expectorant phlegm and throat” is not necessarily coming.

Summary: Although Baxian Guo can relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and it has a lot of help for sore throat, it only has obvious effect on simple cold.

For asthma or cough caused by the lower respiratory tract, hydrangea is often “helpless”, after all, food is not a medicine.