NBA admits the referee missed the Spurs 6 players present Spurs handsome-no big deal

NBA admits the referee missed the Spurs 6 players present Spurs handsome: no big deal
In the 6th game of Spurs vs. Mavericks yesterday, the game was very fierce. At the last moment, the Spurs even had 6 people on the scene. However, the referees ignored this mistake and did not blow a technical foul on the Spurs.Today, the NBA is said to admit this mistake.  The last 1 of the game.In 3 seconds, the Spurs fell behind the Mavericks 111-113. At that time, they had no timeout available. Dior stood on the sideline to prepare to serve, and on the court, there were 5 Spurs players standing, namely: Ginobili, MillSri Lanka, Green, Leonard, Duncan.  That is to say, in such an offensive defense related to the crucial ball of life and death, the Spurs accounted for 6-5 in the number of people.  Today, league leader Tim Frank confirmed in an email with ESPN that the missed verdict did occur in this game yesterday.The referees on duty were James Capes, Jason Phillips, and Zach Zaba. They all ignored that there were six players on the Spurs.  In a similar situation clearly stated in the NBA Referee Handbook, a team with this error should get a technical foul: “If the ball is ready to be sent, or is still in operation, a team has 6 players or more的球员在场上,那么应该对这支多派出球员的球队吹一个‘非违反体育道德’式技术犯规。”Nothing happened at the time. Because of ignoring this mistake, the referee naturally couldn’t foul the Spurs.Fortunately, this leak did not affect the final result of the game. The Mavericks still won at home, and the total score of the two sides was triggered to become 3-3. The series also entered the tiebreaker.  ”Some players just didn’t leave the field, that’s it, that’s all,” Spurs coach Popovich said in an interview.