“Be careful!”
Lao Lu has acted before shouting the word,Forrest Gump also dilated his pupils a moment ago,Start back。
but……It’s too late!
fast,Unimaginably fast!
Xia Chenglong had already taken action when he realized something was wrong。
A sword in a raging state will exert dozens of times more power than an ordinary wall,The red light swept towards A-Gump without any preparation。
He is not Xia Chenglong,I can’t catch the overbearing sky sword。
A bloody mouth was cut directly in the abdomen,And his arm is bleeding right now。
Old Lu hurriedly threw the opponent to the people behind him,A Shura knife collided with the Shura knife swung in the next moment。
“Thump thump!”
Old Lu took a few steps back before stopping,Xia Chenglong turned around!
Able to beat a warrior who asked the gods to retreat,Xia Chenglong’s strength at this moment is definitely……
“Santo,I’m Kanlu,Wake up!”
Surrounded by red aura,Eyes turned crimson,The sword body that was originally like a silver moon was also scarlet。
That sword actually demonized Xia Chenglong,What kind of power is this?
Xia Chenglong seemed to be unable to hear Mr. Lu’s words,In the next moment, he rushed up with the sword directly。