From a certain angle,They are more fans than the fans of Kidd,Is true love。

Conan Quickly Run,I found that Maori Xiaogiro is not,I’m happy to laugh,Less than the first exclude of the correct answer,Under his induction,The truth will come out of the water soon。
As for anesthesia needle……
Mean,This needle also has a large use,He likes the limelight,I want to grab Kidd in my hand.。
“Zhongson Police Officer,is it possible,Helicopter……”
“Ghost,Don’t mess with trouble!”
Zhongson Silver Trinity Boxing Hammer in Conan,After I finished my finish,Police view hall,Maori Xiaogiro’s illegitimate child is very feeling,I didn’t expect it to be true.。
Chapter 428 Deep revealing eyeball
Excellent hand,Zhongson Silver Sany is addictive,I must find a chance to find a chance.。
The opportunity coincides with。
Countdown to last 12 o’clock,Sky loud,Kidd debut in the smoke bomb,Use with the same routine last night,Safely escort the helicopter and the searchlight,Aerial walking towards the museum building,The front of the ship is getting closer and closer。
“coming!Kidd appears!”
Angry Kid’s arrogant,More angry, ignorant, people will thieves as idols,Zhongson Silver Three Bitten Tooth Tooth,A punch in Conan……
Zhongson Silver Three Timers,I found that Conan didn’t know when to squat the corner.,What is the eyes of the dead fish?。
Vicious little ghost,Available!
“Zhongson Police Officer,Situation changes,I need to transfer gems immediately。”
Suzuki Lang Ji black face:“Instead of being taking the gemstone by Kid in front of everyone,It is better to hide the gemstone.,I am free with his gambling.,As long as he fails to steal the gemstone in the specified time,This bureau will win。”
“Suzuki,This is not a problem with the gambling,Our police are to catch……”
“Don’t say any more,I have already done,The first version of tomorrow must be me。”
“No,My gem,I have the final say,Unless the police are willing to compensate the loss of gemstones,Otherwise everything is free。”
I heard this,Zhongson Silver three times didn’t have a bottom gas,Depressed, the damn rich man,Radio notification,Let the police officers who guard the museum transfer gemstones to safe zone。
Victory in advance,Suzuki Lang Ji Yang Tian smiles away from the carriage,Connone in the corner of the wall smile,Touch your own watch anesthesia gun,Be careful to follow the bell。
Suzuki Langji is the Burberry of Suzuki Garden,Because this layer is,Connone visits the Honorary Medal Collection of Like Temple Langji,Very clear, this strange old man is deeply loved to Kide。
Suzuki Langji wants,Never gambling,A gemstone in the district,Suzuki Lang Ji is not intended,He only wants to grab Kidd。
Sudden,Extremely attach great importance to gems and ignore Kid,Can only explain one problem。
Yesterday’s preview,Today is as follows,Everything is a fascinating smoke bomb,The old man has been dropped.,Kidd is not in the sky,It is underground。
Suddenly drifting in the night sky,But this does not affect the enthusiasm of fans.,Waving a light stick and shouting Kidd’s name,Looking forward to the ground light,Scene is very spectacular。
Don’t blame the fan so excited,White white trousers white hairdry,Hood gloves single-chip mirror,Kidd today’s sustained powder,It attracted many passers-by joining the fan team。
But very quickly,The fans found that Kidd of tonight is a bit wrong.,Like a puppet under the rope。
Tangible,No soul。
Under the mistakes of fans,Their idol Kidd suddenly leaking,嘭 嘭 嘭 大 大 片 白。
A chaos on the scene,Fan is unclear,The police are busy maintaining the site order,Zhongson Silver Sanjiao head in the broadcast car,Life in the fastest speed in the location。
He can’t help but celebrate,Fortunately, listening to Suzuki Langji,Otherwise, the cold is not sneak by Kidd,Gem is definitely can’t stand。