“All right,Everyone enter the cemetery of the gods through these three passages。”Beirut waved,The three channels are opened at different heights of the cemetery。

“The lower god enters the lowest channel,The upper gods go to the top,Middle god。”
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,Follow this rule,The two will be separated for a while。
Chapter 11 and Twelfth Floor
Deep,Channel glowing with black light,A group of lower gods move forward one by one。Cecilia、Catherine followed the six lower gods of the four beasts,Walking side by side。
“Everyone,remember,Don’t release the power of your soul in the cemetery of the gods。”High Priest Catherine teaches his experience,“If the power of the soul passes over some creatures,They will discover your existence。”
The two lower gods of the Four God Beast Family nodded slightly,They have already negotiated,The lower gods of the four mythical beast families joined forces with the two lower gods native to the Yulan Continent,Not only because Cecilia is also a child of the Four Beasts,It can also increase combat effectiveness,You can also get some information through the high priest Catherine。
of course,The high priest also only knows some information and taboos on the first twelve levels of the sanctuary。
“correct,Be sure to pay attention after entering,Those of the Renalls family will definitely find a way to attack。As for the undead in the Bone Forest,Although the family has no hatred with them,But these ghosts are not even trustworthy。”Talking is the leader of the lower gods in the four mythical beast family,Serena of the Nemo clan said,She is stronger than the Redding family‘Jels’Stronger than one,At least on the bright side, it is the most powerful of the four god beast families and the five lower gods of the Yulan Continent。
“According to Catherine,The enemy in the twelfth floor should also be a lower god,The last time she entered this cemetery alone,Facing the chase and interception of ten lower gods。But according to the rules of the first twelve floors,The content of the cemetery may be different every time,So for the time being, it’s not clear how many enemies we face。But our main energies are still on the people of the Raynals family and the Bone Grove,There are five people together,But if we have a chance,Destroy them all,Let them know that the glory of our four mythical beast family cannot be profaned。”
Cecilia frowned,This is the rhythm that pulled her and the high priest into the water。But soon she was relieved,Anyway, these lower gods can’t beat her with one piece,She only beware of soul attacks,Just pull a handful of the high priest。However, with the green dragon ring in her hand and the natural energy of the dragon blood war god, the blue light guards,Soul defense can easily resist the attack of the average mid-level god。
As for material attacks,Even those high-level gods may not be better than her。
quickly,This team of lower gods passed the channel,Enter the twelfth floor of the cemetery of the gods,
“Whirr!”Howling wind,Heishui Taotao。