Seeing Chen Xiu in a hurry,Zhang Yuantu explained:““It’s not that I don’t help you find,You can’t find zombies out of thin air。”

“I want to use‘Corpse chase’Locate the location of the zombie,You have to have something worn by zombies,Those things have the smell of zombies。”
Chen Xiu immediately understood,Is saying:“This is the same as the police dog locating people!”
Zhang Yuantu hasn’t spoken yet,Lin Caiwei scolded you out:“You are a dog!”
Chen Xiu also consciously lost words,Quickly apologize:“Zhang Tianshi,That was not what I meant……”
“No need to explain,I understand what you mean。”
Zhang Yuantu turned his head and said to Lin Caiwei:“Weier,No need to target Chen Xiu。”
Lin Caiwei naturally dare not listen to Zhang Yuantu’s words,Just waiting for Chen Xiu unconvinced。
“Zhang Tianshi,I have an arm of Jia Ren,Can we find him out!”
“of course can,Part of his body,More accurate positioning of corpse chase!”
“Great,You come with me!”
Twenty minutes later,Chen Xiu took Zhang Yuantu and his apprentice straight to the laboratory。