Feng Xiaogang’s Sword Dynasty filed, Li Xian trains for action drama three months in advance

Feng Xiaogang’s “Sword Dynasty” filed, Li Xian trains for action drama three months in advance
Sauna Night News (reporter Liu Wei) December 2, produced by Feng Xiaogang, starring Li Xian’s drama “Sword Dynasty” officially scheduled to land on iQiyi on December 6.When talking about the reason for choosing Li Xian to star in the new drama in the Air Force, Feng Xiaogang once said that Li Xian’s acting ability is very strong, he is very dedicated, professional actor with modeling ability, and is also a star that is widely liked by the audience.Getting along very well with everyone, “So for us, choosing Li Xian is the right decision.”Sword Dynasty” male and female starring posters.The picture comes from the online “Sword Dynasty” based on the novel of the same name by the popular online writer “Innocent”.The background of the story takes place in the late Warring States Period, an era of speaking with swords, which tells the story of the revenge of the city boy Ding Ning played by Li Xian.The action guidance in “The Sword Dynasty” Jiang Daohai and Feng Xiaogang previously cooperated in “The World Without Thieves”. This time Jiang Daohai’s “Sword Dynasty” dealt with water, swords and movements in a new way.There is also starring Li Xian, Feng Xiaogang praised his dedication and training related to it three months in advance, so that the lens is better when shooting.Li also mentioned in the previous interview: “I have never shot so many action scenes.In the process of shooting, I can make progress, and I can use it to the point.”There is a lens hanging from Waia, he has repeatedly shot more than 20 times.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa