Then,It is inevitable for both parents to meet,Her identity,Will be exposed at that moment。

I’m separated from the Lu family again,As the daughter of the Lu family,It’s impossible to get married without notifying the elders,She can ignore others,Grandpa is so kind to her,It’s impossible not to attend her wedding。
Dad’s intention to compensate himself is too obvious,Marry yourself,He will definitely send himself out。
She understands the heart of the elders,but,Can your behavior be understood by Yunhe?
Even if he understands,Forgive yourself for the prank,But how to solve their messy relationship?
She and mother depend on each other,Marry yourself,No one can attend,Mom must come to watch the ceremony。
Where’s dad,It’s impossible to refuse him and send himself to the red carpet,But his wife is not his mother,Two women appear at the wedding,Mom is still that embarrassing identity。
All in all,Are not easy to solve,She hasn’t had time to figure out a solution,He already knows his identity。
Get,The first problem is solved,Only the hardest one is left。
I know why Huo Yunhe disappeared,The anxiety in my heart has disappeared。
Worries become reality,Yunhe knows the truth,He is angry,Ignore yourself。
Willow is not angry,Because she is the initiator,Not qualified to be angry,Huo Yun should be angry,Such an arrogant person,Juggled by a woman in love,It’s normal to be unacceptable for a while。
Does she expect him to let go of his prejudices,Arm yourself and say it’s okay?