It needs more power to do it,With them, I am afraid that moths will fight the fire,like water off a duck’s back。

“Is it just like this?”
Too frustrated!
From the beginning,The point of their fighting is to extend the dead end,Just want to make it no longer a dead end,But in the end it is still like this。
The game has not been solved,What they did before was all in vain。
“Maybe Xiaoge Xia already has the idea of going on his own。”
The sudden appearance of the man’s voice made everyone nervous,Everyone turned,Seeing Yun Xiaowen and Yue’er,Then let go of vigilance。
“Don’t panic everyone,This is my dad。”
Although the old man doesn’t know each other,But you can feel the aura of the storm in the main body of the Yun family,The opponent is a master of the seventh stage entering the holy realm。
Patriarch Yun came over,First nodded slightly to everyone,Then look forward。
Reach out,A mysterious cloud appeared,At this moment, its original face appears in front of the forest that has not changed。
This is countless transparent Philippine swords,They are seen in an instant because the cloud is attached to the sword,A little halo refracted by the towering sunlight。