Xia Jian took a breath,Calmed down a bit and said:“Aunt!How can you say that?Wanting is your biological daughter”

“To shut up!Don’t tell me this。Isn’t that the same thing between men and women??Pretend to be pure?I know you are not a good bird when I look at you。Dare you say that there are few women you have slept?”Gao Deju said,Approaching Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Turns out Auntie drank too much,Then rest early,I am leaving”Xia Jian turned around and left after speaking。
“Can you go?“So high that the chrysanthemum sounds。She cheated up,One on Xia Jian’s shoulder。
Xia Jian only felt his shoulders tingle,He must not be surprised,So this woman is good at,He really underestimated this person。Xia Jian is also a bully,He frustrated and twisted,Has escaped Gao Deju’s control。
“Ha ha!Is your skill okay??”Gao Deju laughed,The beautiful legs in slippers swept to Xia Jian’s shoulders。The moment Gao Deju raised his leg,From the base of her thigh,Xia Jian saw a touch of red。
Just because he lost his mind,Gao Deju’s foot just swept across his shoulder。It’s too late to hide,Xia Jian had to bend his legs,Tantian,Come to a steady square。
Just listen to the snap,Xia Jian only felt that an iron hammer hit his shoulder,He couldn’t help but grinned。This foot is really painful。
Because Xia Jian abruptly took Gao Deju’s kick,Gao Deju is also busy taking two steps back,It can be seen that her kick was too hard,I hurt my feet too。
“Aunty,Goodbye!”Xia Jian withdraws。Just heard a beep,The door lock of the living room clicked,Locked up。No matter how Xia Jian drives,Can’t open。
Xia Jian looked back a little helplessly,I saw Gao Deju proudly raised the remote control in his hand and said:“Dezhi Military Products,If you can open it like this,What am I doing for such a big price??”
“Aunt!This is the first time I see you,Really great。It’s late,I won’t bother you to rest,Remember to go upstairs to see Wanting”Xia Jian said very politely。Because he knew,He really can’t afford such a woman,Plus she drank some wine,Go crazy but anything can happen。
Gao Deju smiled and said:“What to go,Talk to me for a while”