The instinct of animals is the worship of the strong,The wolves see Chen Xiu so fierce,Suddenly everyone is as good as a domestic dog,They are all crawling on the ground,One by one seems to be worshiping their wolf king。

Chen Xiu has no plans to subdue these wild wolves as little brothers,Continue to run towards the green mulberry tree,Without the harassment of wolves,He is faster,The night is like an afterimage,One kilometer is wrong, twenty meters have reached the green mulberry tree。
“Baby is here,Don’t do it for nothing!”
This green mulberry tree is originally thicklBig,Chen Xiu starts light work,After unfolding three times in a row, I jumped to a branch of fruit。
From a distance,Just those two green fruits。
Came in,Or two green fruits,Just two fruits the size of a water tank。
Chen Xiu guarantees his personality,He has never seen such a big fruit in his life,Can’t help but be funny:“I originally picked these two fruits to honor my parents,I think this portion is divided among Ye Lao and they are still too much!”
Chen Xiu approached the two fruits from the branches,Then use a nine-ring knife to cut off two pieces of bark from the tree,Wrist shock,A bark weighing tens of catties flew out suddenly,Hit the branch of a fruit。
The branch was hit hard by the bark,Broke immediately,Drop down along with the fruit。
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