Chen Xi heard a eyebrow: “Oh,?Go out and see.”


  Two people one after the other out, Chen Xi saw a square face man stepped forward: “Hello, I was the boss, I heard you want to customize the product, I do not know no drawings?”
  Square face man obviously did not guess the boss is such a young girl, Dayton for a moment before, he said: “We want to order a number of baskets.”
  He waved, round-faced man behind the immediately stepped forward, pulled out a blueprint.
  Chen Xi took the view, drawn above saw a rectangular basket rack, a pattern side, above a flower can put three, do sided hook hanging on the railing, obviously used for decoration.
  If this pattern is not edited out, it touches can Nianshang Qu.
  Chen Xi carefully studied again: “How many of you want to load this?”
  ”The bottom line is pounds heavier, the stronger the better natural weight-bearing.”Square face man pointing to the counter where the vine box:” I heard you this is all the iron rattan, we have seen that a good friend, was admiring.”
  Chen Xi smiled and nodded: “you can do, but the process is more complicated, one hundred from the set, to schedule at least two weeks.”
  ”Really do?”Round-faced attendant a happy man, could not help but speak.
  Chen Xi smiling: “You can do a sample out to get a look at you, but it also had to wait for two days, you gave this pattern, we need to look craftsmen.”
  ”OK, then we wait two days.”Square face man green light:” I hope you can try to restore the drawing.”
  ”Do not even the ten lampshade?”Wang Cuihua next whispering.
  ”To naturally want.”Square face men dig a hundred dollars out:” extra count the deposit, we stayed at the Oriental Hotel, into the reported name of the first two Chu, someone called us down.”
  Wang Cuihua Mahuan Xi Li took the money, took him ten Shade: “You take a good tso!”
  Others are gone, Wang Cuihua came over to look at drawings of gossip:
  ”It looked just beautiful flowers, to really do it, they will take one hundred?”
  Chen Xi shook his head: “I do not know, try to let the cow Er Shugong doing, people are not satisfied with what they might.”
  In the afternoon, Chen Xi hurry to finish off, he hurried back to the village to go.
  Niu Er Shugong about holding freshly baked drawings look: “This thing paintings look good, you have said that the feeling of European style.”
  Chen Xi in the side explained: “This is a garden style basket, estimated to be hung on a hotel or manor inside the fence, to put the time in which pots, as long as a flower, like a stroll in the flower sea.”
  This basket Ole future generations will be very common, European-style bal南宁夜生活网cony outside of the building, covered with colorful flowers.
  ”This first release flowerpot?”Niu Er Shugong frowned Mao:” That side of the hook, not necessarily to live hook so heavy stuff ah?”
  Chen Xi nodded: “I think, or how to side with the iron hook?Also in the side stay two holes, which fitted with hoops.”
  Niu Er Shugong shook his head: “You quantities so much, we have to find a blacksmith, the cost will be to double iron stuff is not cheap.”
  Chen Xi suddenly react, now is not the mass production of iron products in the 21st century, and quickly shot to his head: “Oh, that would be in trouble!”

  ”We parted on a fork in the road, he returned home.”Qi Yue face is not red does not jump back to the road.


  ”What you say is true?”Qi Chuanzong eyes still with doubts.
  ”Dad, if not the letter, but asked uncle Well tomorrow.”Qi Yue look magnanimous, in fact, just yesterday she sets a good word Yu Guoqing, Yu Guoqing Recently also not at home, do not know cap child mountain leopard appears to do, or he would kill her head a.
  ”Her father, the child finally come back, you let her rush to take a bath, and then ask her not do it?”Yu Xiulian complained..
  Qi Yue rushed her mother smiled gratefully, the basket to her, and asked her to get another look at the house bolted the door.
  Then went to the edge of the yard, he puts the sun for a whole day of well water to take a bath house.Qinliang well water is warm sun tan, it is suitable for bathing.
  Yu Xiulian basket early in the morning to see the top of the mushrooms, Qi Yue thinking that this was not taken into Dendrobium, so the start and did not care, but she could hear the sound of exhortations, and guess what my heart faint, called on the go with the Qi Chuanzong house.
  Poke the top of the mushrooms, the bottom is stuffed full to the brim of Dendrobium, Yu Xiulian even long been expected, but was stunned and called out what she saw.
  The edge of Qi Zhuanzong busy over her mouth and whispered: “Hush, do not let this fourth person to know.”
  ”Sister, I saw Wyatt girl carrying a backpack back, she was not taken into the mountains and Dendrobium go, how much time taken to?”Everything, Wang Shufen had intended to directly push the door, but did not push a push, this screaming in red cried and complained,” sister, you plug it in broad daylight what door ah, do not know thought you were in there What does the hidden treasure?”
  Yu Xiulian of pale, red Qi Zhuanzong She shook her head, then suddenly coughed: “Two brothers and sisters, for your room Gesao so curious about it?”
  Wang Shufen did not expect Qi Chuanzong also inside, his face looks a bit stiff.
  In rural areas, between Shusao, between uncle and sister still taboo, Wang Shufen naturally did not dare to challenge this taboo, embarrassed smile: “His uncle, my sister joking with it, you do not worry Ha.”
  Qi Chuanzong if not then, Wang Shufen and embarrassed laugh or two, bitterly away.
  Yu Xiulian she heard footsteps far away, carrying the heart suddenly down, his legs a bit weak, Qi Zhuanzong hand helped her to sit on a stool, she got busy and said: “No, I have to go to Yue Yue.”
  ”This is bathing her.”Qi Zhuanzong remind her channel.
  ”Then when she finished, I look for her.”She sat down again, but not over half a minute stood up again, and hearken to the sound of water next door.
  Qi Chuanzong sucked back cover that layer of mushrooms Dendrobium, good camouflage, and whispered to her: “The two siblings then asked, you say Qi Yue hillside on the edge of her grandmother to pick the mushrooms back, other Do not say.”
  ”I remember, nothing to say.”Yu Xiulian nervous nod.
  Yu Xiulian feel that time flies too slowly, as if she waited all day, only to finally end up in attendance Wyatt from the house to go out the bath water.
  She whipped rushed over, grabbed the hands of the bathtub Qi Yue: “Are you tired today with, for your mother you some water, you quickly back to the house to rest, go to your mother finished pour water on you.”
  Qi Yue guessed she was seen in the basket Dendrobium, but she is really tired, then crashed back into the house, then bed down, unknowingly he went back to sleep in the past.
  Stumbled heard voices, she suddenly opened his eyes, saw Yu Xiulian stopping cattle being rushed root trouble her bed, she got up, took the hand of bovine roots: “I woke up, let him come follow me to read.”
  She taught for a while before the count of cattle roots can count to a hundred, and she changed taught him to read, compared to count, cattle roots literacy significantly worse part of it.But he is still small, she is no requirement for him, just before the Enlightenment, until he was able to step back to school, help him build self-confidence than other children.
  Yu Xiulian This cow has refused to take root to read something, you w深圳桑拿网ant him taken away, but the root mended cow made of cow, holding Qi Yue’s arm is not doing nothing.
  Qi Yue smiled and hug him and Yu Xiulian smiled and said: “I know what your mother worried about, all right, I went to town tomorrow, will bring something to my master, these things are also going to get my master’s account.”She ‘something’ in lieu of that Dendrobium, is worried walls have ears, three-bedroom and two-bedroom wall of their ward, but there are a lot of bad blood, naturally be cautious.

  1601 jealous


  Lee treasurer afraid to see their own missed it, and quickly called the Little boy on the lamp points, again below the lamp look good for a while.
  Xiao Zhe see the treasurer to see so carefully, is worried: “I said, this thing you want to do?If not, I do not go to a pawn shop!”
  Then, I want to hold things go.
  Lee smiled and dispensers quickly, press and 广州桑拿网hold Xiao Zhe’s arm: “Oh, Xiao Ye, you do not mediated you this is a good thing, we are afraid missed it, the job is much more to see it.This does not, optimistic, which gives you money.Come, take seven hundred twenty drafts!”
  Xiao Zhe one, these things can become seven hundred and twenty, are not you jealous of.
  He usually, Where have I seen so much money?
  Body can have a one thousand two hundred twenty-two, it is pretty good.
  Seven hundred and twenty silver, before he was unthinkable.
  Xiao Zhe while thinking, these two drafts, to all his like, such a thought, then reached for.
  However, Li did not immediately treasurer also drafts to Xiao Zhe, but smiled and asked: “The son, I do not know your name, please ah?”
  Xiao Zhe very alert, knowing it yourself now is not a good thing, at the moment, and would not easily reveal the lives of others.
  ”You ask the doing?”
  ”Nothing is to ask, you know want to know that you have something good next time, I sent back to not?”
  Xiao Zhe frown, my heart will be looking out: “OK, I was sent back to you.”
  Lee does not tell his name treasurer, treasurer grab from the hands of Lee over drafts, twisting, going out of.
  Lee treasurer quickly towards a small boy wink.
  Etc. Xiao Zhe go out soon, Fukuzawa pawnshop small boy just out.
  After a child, a small boy came back: “Dispensers, just little boys, with that rascally son Xiadui it together!”
  Lee treasurer nodded his head: “You go to the cupboard that picture brought me.”
  After Xiao Zhe pawn, Xiadun are pitching in, he went to the pharmacy next door and bought a packet of arsenic.
  Then, he went to the snack shop across the street, buy a couple of 苏州桑拿crisp green beans.
  Just, from Xiao ZhePawnshop came out, came back Xiadui.
  Xiao Zhe looked at his uncle, the sweet and delicious mung bean cakes to your mouth, the stomach can not help growling up.
  However, he did not dare eat the tube Xiadun.
  ”How much money when?”
  Xiao Zhe from the pawn shop before, secretly hid 220 silver to the purse, so, at the moment, five hundred and twenty left hand, and gave it to the whole Xiadui: “A total of these.”

  However, Su Xingchen five senses is very keen, the invigilator just a stand stood behind her, she spotted.


  But regardless of her past lives, there is a particularly large advantage is focused, first world but also because when she awakened, can quickly focus on learning to go into, as one study, in the last year to third year , but also admitted to undergraduate school, second in the world comprehension of the world, because qualification is poor, only as ordinary casual repair, but also focus on learning alchemy of mixing drugs, concentrate on practice, just three years time, will practice Lianqi to the peak, only one step to build the base.
  Not to mention her qualifications as bad, is better qualified than her people, stop people in lifelong Lianqi do not know how many, a dozen two-year-old man will be able to build the base of the course is genius , Phoenix water chestnut hair, practicing three decades will be able to build the base, even in case of the door, is also quite good qualification savvy, let alone casual repair them, but few.
  So she did not influence the invigilator, just focus on doing their own problems.
  Invigilator to see her write a few questions are very well written, looked for a mome杭州桑拿洗浴nt, then threw continue to walk.
  Test two morning, two are not the same in the examination room.
  Su Xingchen VI language in the examination room, the fifth in mathematics examination room, examination room next door in the VI.
  As a result, some of the candidates originally VI examination room, examination room actually met her again in the fifth.
  Before sitting at her desk in front of the girls, this time sitting on her desk after seeing Suxing Chen also particularly excited and greeted her: “Oh?We met again, a coincidence ah.”
  Taking advantage of the effort to speak, carefully looked at her eyes.
  Suxing Chen also remember her: “Hello.”
  ”Wow, the last to see your skin better, you are right makeup?Good white ah.”
  Su Xingchen smile did not speak.
  The examination room where other people are also curious to see 杭州桑拿洗浴her, especially just not the same candidates in the examination room.
  V and VI examination room examination room not the same, the fifth examination have entered two hundred a year ago.
  They looked at each other, someone just can not help not ask: “Is it wrong examination room?”
  Their voice is not large, but can also be heard Suxing Chen, said that the opening question, more like himself, all came to a loss of.
  Suxing Chen did not ignores them, find their own self-serving exam seat number, sit down and so the invigilator came.
  After between two exam only fifteen minute break, we finished the test, the toilet on the toilet, drinking water, and quickly find your next examination room and seat number, time is very tight, we see her find their seat number, did not mean to go, did not say more, only saw two fills quickly invigilator came over.
  And last game as invigilator invigilator is not so strict, to the examination room simply said: “Electronics are all close together, I do not be seen, in addition to our manuscript paper issued any examination room appeared on a piece of paper and books are we see, do cheating processing.”

  ”No, in another place, to take the train.”


  Chen before unconsciously nodded, said Joji United States is preparing to Sammi look at an object, suddenly said: “You sister sub Zeneng take this route every day?”
  ”She’s here to work Backstage.”Two US replied.
  ”You came here deliberately stubble?”Chen shook his head before,” petty, you do not learn.”
  ”Two beautiful, Sammi age is not small, find an object you persuade her to marry it.”
  Before Chen before have told her a letter, but three US did not agree, and second, the United States no problem, listening to Dad’s words, “I ask Sanmei have any idea.”
  Chen befor北京风月网e a sigh, “She is now drilled money every day the eyes, and just want to make money.”
  Just walk back outside Sammi hearing this, “sister, I would like to say great work getting married.”
  ”You’re a girl, doing business?”
  ”Dad, is that you set.A girl can not have a career?”
  Seeing Mitsumi and father to fight them, and second, the United States and smooth things over, “Dad, you go to rest, I looked back and talk with Sanmei.”
  Chen before shaking his head, went into the bedroom to recover.
  He killed three US now refuses to talk about the object, and second, the United States and sometimes not, have the opportunity to persuade thinking.
  United States has been the result of two did not wait for the opportunity to return to prostitution because the Three Beauties, outside military sets up a small stall selling tea.
  Three Beauties after the turn in a circle nearby and found nothing visiting head, shouting to go.Chen agreed that before, but he let the name Sammi came to the idea of an object.
  Sammi can not, they ganged together to collect five US eggs, buy the spices and tea, with a small stove two US home, t北京桑拿hey set up a small stall.Because nearly three United States did not want even a dray, directly carrying small stove, and then burn the charcoal, put the cooked boiled eggs on a small stove, tea stalls laid out on.

  Wei Yingshao rare elated back, he waited on like this people with weak girl, luck may seem like there is a long story.Every time are met duplicity girl, and every time is to identify out of Yan Cheng.So that he now sees a girl he had to find palm palm eye, it does not matter cheated once or twice, three times or four times Go On, seventh eighth, his heart is not made of stone ah.


  Wei Yingshao proudly raised his chin, from being turned into a preaching of the sermon: “Because you can not encounter weak women are bad, you think this woman is bad, you called bias, it is undesirable ,Not advisable!”
  Cheng Yan nodded: “I used to be real or imagined, sweeping the.”
  He was so crisp admit mistakes, Wei Yingshao like being stand in the air, 杭州桑拿flattening unbearably uncomfortable.How not fooling down, so he seized on the issue to play, a rare case of a really weak girl, and more good positive teaching ah.Until finally such an opportunity, he is easy to do!
  Wei Yingshao trying to lead the war: “You know our mistakes like the next stop to belly sinister heart of a gentleman, mind why so dark.”
  Cheng Yan is not salty not pale Air at him.
  Wei Yingshao shrink the shrink neck, the boss is not willing to shut up.Abdominal slander, but wrong to say he threatened people, smelly shameless!
  Just at this point, next came the little maidservants clear cheered: “physician adults, Yan girl she woke up.”
  Weiying Shao suddenly jumped up.
  Cheng Yan eyelids jump: “What are you doing?”
  ”I have to go to comfort beauty!”Wei Yingshao heels to go out:” Eighteen torture, what kind of fam苏州龙凤网ily she wanted to treat land?”
  Cheng Yan frown: “You come back here, people do not abrupt girl!”
  Weiying Shao turned a deaf ear, still muttering: “You said I could swoop?”
  Cheng Yan scolded: “stinking shameless!”

Chapter 60 Miss Bai Lianhua table 19
  A fishing slowly opened his eyes, eyes stared blankly surprises little girl, this little girl round face, round facial features, it is truly lovable.
  ”Physician adults, Yan girl she woke up.”Liu Huanxi turned red peach sitting on the side of the write pulse case of leaf physician shouted.
  Ye physician is writing pulse A case of fishing, do evidence in court.Read, read, physician leaves are sadly up, it is continuously poisoned six months, had poison into the heart, I’m afraid this girl is no more time.This point how much age, Lu is really harden, so a helpless weak woman ever allowed.
  Heard, leaf physician put down his pen, came.
  ”who are you?This is where?”A fish looked around, strange and dazed, Huer face changed, fundus dense fog, like finally remembered what happened before the coma.

  She felt strange, I called in the past, music has music came out of the car, that he did not take even a mobile phone.


  She waited beside the car, was suddenly the breeding ground for杭州桑拿洗浴 an uneasy.
  [Zero ninety-nine, where he went?She asked the sentence].
  A long while, it should be zero ninety-nine sentence, [the alley.]
  Listen to the voice, with a hint of excitement seems.
  Nan Yu Fei kind of bad feeling even more strongly.
  She quickly ran to the last time it was pulled into the alley Huo rain, Sure saw Cheng Yu’s shadow.There Huo rain!
  They are very close, Cheng Yu body slightly stooped, his back to her.
  She first pair is Huo rain pair of dark and light projection with brutal eyes.
  Huo Yu met her, seems to have shocked, suddenly threw a push Cheng Yu!
  Cheng Yu So straight back down, fell on hard floor.
  Nan Fei Yu was shocked to see him on the abdomen stuck a dagger shining coldness!!
  ”brother!”She quickly ran over, crouch down beside him, holding his hand quivered arm, and sometimes some flawless!
  He spread out beneath him see blood red, and his face bleeding, and she had a head full signal.
  [Zero ninety-nine!]
  【in!] Excitement zero ninety-nine.
  【save him.] South Fei Yu gradually calm down, she absolutely do not let him hurt.
  At this point, rustling footsteps came up behind her, after she realized that hairs stand up.

  Akiba side finally put their micro-channel two-dimensional code, quivering stretched past.


  Yuyao Yao also came over immediately sweep.
  And, she was very down to earth, Saowan after, the first thing is to see each other’s circle of friends!
  This look, Yuyao Yao and again surprised, “Huh?Bulk, you should also do the big orange readers?Wow.You should also help promote oranges, circle of friends to forward cover works with links, c杭州桑拿洗浴ompared with you, I was a fake reader ah!”
  Akiba party then thick skinned, she can not help but praise this.
  This is not to help, but in self-promotion!
  They really a shameless person!
  ”Ah, things really start to fans, the bulk of your professional.”
  Yuyao Yao stretched thumb.
  ”I would also like to learn from you, some publicity for the big orange?”
  When he finished, she would live in front of the camera, the Shenyang-Dalian Orange introduced a lot of work to audience.
  And also the beginning of the free Readings section.
  ”Wait, since it is the topic of English tuition, bulk, we’re going to put points.”
  ”You taught me to pass on to say in English, please?”
  ”The first chapter, she wore into his arms, tightly hugged his arms.Bulk, how to turn it this sentence?”
  Fang Akiba: “.”
  She wanted to directly select a苏州夜网 leash!
  YY powder were watching live, Amway began listening to download APP, already read the novel, it is this author’s name began to search online.
  But even if well prepared, at the moment they are still big Yaoyao hardware English Amway, to amused laughter to roll!
  Big Yao-Yao color [read small text online, would like to translate?I’m sorry, I lost!]
  [If it was the teacher let me learn English this way, I would have to estimate the level of advanced interpretation!]
  [Hee hee, English teacher is estimated to be coming out of anger!]
  [You found it?Zan president grimaced!Ha ha ha ha!]
  [I got a good way to learn English, the word back!Tut, his arms hugging.This word read, and I firmly remember!]
  [Here should summon Shen!]

children, and wholeheartedly for the sake of her husband, what does not satisfy it!”


  See Fang Xiulan consent, Nguyen rain father and daughter looked at each other, Ruan Guohua lead in the opening, “I know that the white from Chen not an ordinary person, if he came to check, than we will certainly do more with less, just.”
  His tone is a little more difficult, “rain, it may have to say to you!”
  This house of their people, with the exception of rain and white relations since Chen is the best.
  Amid the original accident, they do not know when the white from Chen took people to the mountain to fi深圳桑拿网nd inside their own daughter did not say, from the grasp of prisoners to the hospital, to the doctor, it was all white from single-handedly Chen.
  Even when the father of Ruan Guohua, has to admit that, in a certain kind, he was not as good as white from Chen outsiders for a good girl!
  He does not do it, but powerless, the mor南宁桑拿e this difficult time, the more we can reflect a person’s personal connections, and the ability behind.
  Now beginning development was a budding Ruan Guohua, where to play and white Chen was born this identity is a towering trees than people think??
  So the face of this kind of thing, Bai Qi Chen has inherent advantages, of course, this thing piece by piece, the more aroused mind up Ruan Guohua efforts, he is the only strong to a certain extent, these evil spirits did not dare to bully his wife child.
  Just understand one thing, doing it is another matter, when his father, say such a thing, let the girl go ask others for help, and my heart in the end is a bit uncomfortable.
  Hate themselves too weak, too weak and incompetent.
  Contract last thing is that this is an accident rain.
  Never have such a moment, Ruan Guohua under北京风月会所stand the gap between themselves and others, now he, not enough to let his wife and children need to worry, not a threat.
  ”Dad, you have a very powerful!”This is the truth, his father a short period of time, put three small workshop

beautiful girl, there is such a.father???


  Jiang came to sleep, he gets Fearless father’s hand, facing the doorman smiled: “This is my father.”
  She did not know why, suddenly seriously, she blindfolded himself at his fa杭州桑拿ce, only her eyes: “You see, me and my dad’s eyes exactly the same.”
  Doorman look at her, then at the curly-haired bearded star left flat, after a long while, left Star-awkward apology.
  ”Thank you.”Jiang Mian pulled left Star-upstairs.
  Left Star-Shale followed all the way baby daughter upstairs, Qi Yan sat up to see the books on the chair, his smile suddenly froze.
  ”Mian Mian, how he in this?!”Fearless father Jiang Mian attached to the ear,” I do not mean to do less and his dealings!”
  ”Long story.”Jiang Mian also whispered back to him,” I do not care to Qi Shushu hands hurt, invited him to dinner to apologize.”
  Fearless father frown, to be about to speak, Qi Yan book tilted his head: “Brother Wuzhen.”
  ”Young the dust.”Left Star-walked over, his eyes on his eyes slipped circle,” Your eyes.Do you want me to help you look?”
杭州桑拿  ”Useless, do not bother labor brothers.”Qi Jiang Yan book sleepless glanced toward the left Star-noted say anything bad.
  Jiang Mian: “?”
  Tian Qi Yan father seems to know how it was the book’s eyes.
  Left Star-bags in her hand raised, which is filled with ginger sleep he bought a skirt, but there are books in the Yan Qi, I had to temporarily put aside the bag, so go back and let her daughter see.
  Originally Star-left would like to ask questions Qi Yan book hand, Jiang Mian is how to hurt him, but Jiang sleep the whole feeding him, he no longer refuse homes baby daughter, she had buried bitter to eat.
  Jiang Mian feeding addiction, but also to the way the book Qi Yan clip bowl a lot: “Qi Shushu, this good, you taste.”
  Left Star-found daughter to Qi Yan book holder is a plump cakes, he did not know what was the name, but this 苏州夜网does not prevent him quickly destroy these discs pastry.
  Jiang Yan Qi book to sleep each folder as